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  1. Just wondering if anyone can help, my brother has a 06 250 pro with kokusan ignition. about 12months or so ago the bike died and just couldnt get a spark which turned out to be the cdi unit so we replaced it but when i borrowed his bike last weekend it lost spark again and yet again it seems to be the cdi unit causing the problem ..... so i'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them or knows of anything that could be causing them to go? or are we just having some really bad luck??
  2. hi ollie, always something to ride in your neck of the woods, lyn torridge and exmoor all run great trials there is also Moretonhampstead, West Of England both worth a look and if you dont mind travelling a bit there is also amca clubs Launceston and Holsworthy also if you into classic trials theres South West Classic Trials and even more in cornwall if you're feeling really brave! haha prob missed a few clubs out somewhere too i expect
  3. Hi Ash, good to see another ty rider in cornwall, quite a few popping up down this way! Holsworthy Motor Club are running their xmas pud trial just outside bude this sun 30th if you fancy it!__page-1
  4. ah thankyou guys ... mine has just started doing this aswell. really confused me the first time it did it!
  5. rubbish weather, was looking forward to that
  6. hello and welcome
  7. hi all, hopein someone can help, i have been trying to bleed the clutch on my mate's gasgas 350 this evening and once we think we have got all the air out the lever goes solid until i released the bleed nipple. he has fitted a new clutch pack, any ideas wat the prob could be?? dont really wanna drain the oil again if we dont have too thanks in advance
  8. sorry guys but due to the weather forcast and problems with parking we have decided the best option is to postpone the trial. we are hoping to run in march instead. please keep an eye on the website for updates
  9. Hi ya Howard, I'm Craig and i'm the assistant trials co-ordinater for lmcc, look foward to seeing you up there, Pensilva is always a good trial and i think the best of the year any questions just ask my e-mail is
  10. hiya matey, i would suggest stabalisers for you!!
  11. yeah think we are all a bit p---ed off, it was looking so good then it had to bloody rain again
  12. hi, just to let anyone who was thinking of coming to our 2day trial this weekend (18th - 19th July) that due to the bad weather we had today it is now canceled. we are looking into rearanging it for a different date so keep an eye on our website!
  13. Hi Chubs, you just missed our (Launceston) first trial of 2009 was on sunday but our next trial is 5th april Launceston Motorcycle Club
  14. well thats a relief thought youd killed ur beta for a min then mate!
  15. I use a thing called accurmix or something like that, you can find them on fleebay. it is basicly a plastic can with 2 compartments, 1 for oil and the other petrol with numbered markings on both for all mixes, 50:1 25 etc etc and all you do is turn it upside down to mix it all. really easy to use even i mange it and i think they prob mix 5-6 litres at a time