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  1. Tell Pete I have two of the early 4 speed Puch engined ones and all the panels to build one back to the original condition. The other I have started to mod (but nothing as yet that cannot be reverted) ie, flywheel weight, lowered and back footrests and a lighter rear hub. I got fed up of people telling me these were 'no good for trials so wanted to prove them wrong and so far it has made a vast improvement to the bike. He is welcome to take the modded one to do as he wants but the bike will always be mine. He may remember me as Keith Knowles spannerman (he had Derricks 84 HondaGB 250, wish I knew where that bike was now) back in the eighties when Paul started his career (he in fact asked me to do the same for Paul which was a great honour) and we travelled together for two years. I also would like to get involved and have some more ideas of my own and have plenty of time to put into the project when I am back in yhe UK, (I like to spend my summers in Croatia and was thinking of bringing the bikes out here to work on next year) No worries if he isn't interested I will plod on on my own but just a thought. Trevor Bennett
  2. Fantastic, it would be nice to see more of this nationwide. Camera work was really impressive. We just need 'Uncle Bryn' to translate, oh I forgot, he doesn't speak Welsh either
  3. I'll give you a fiver for it then if your not going to use it.
  4. As long as you have a good spring washer behind the nut you will be ok with that thread. my instalation procedure is; Clean taper with fine emery strip and clean in flywheel shaft, fit woodruff key. Fit flywheel on shaft making sure its aligned and screw nut on finger tight then fit slightly oversize socket on nut and give socket one good hit with a lump hammer, then tighten nut with correct size socket till tight. Then back to oversize socket and give it another hit. Then tighten nut again, I try not to use the nut to pull flywheel onto shaft only to hold it tight when its on.
  5. Howdo Peanut. I can't add much to whats available on here already about them. But I have just put one back together to use in our local trials and found I needed parts to make it usable. First was front brakeshoes, they are the same size as a Honda C90 step through mopeds (chickenchasers)and only need a minutes work with a file to make them fit the backplate. Second was final drive sprocket, exactly the same splines as Beta 125 trials and if you use the Talon ones for the early model they come with a 'shoulder' on to space them away from crankcases so you can use an 11 tooth sprocket with heavy duty 428 chain. I have used a 68 tooth on the rear and it is just about ok for trials with this setup. I am just about to install an extra flywheel weight to see if it help with the low speed running and am going to try a different exhaust after I have spoken to a few 'Dalesmen' at the Telford show. The impression I got from other trials version owners was they were pretty hopeless for trials back in the day but ok for shoolboy scrambles and enduro. I hope to prove this wrong and have set about trying to improve it overall, constructing a bashplate with integral footrest mounts lowering and moving them back, I have several swing arms that have had shock mounts and length altered and by using these I am sure I can find a usable chassis. The biggest challenge will be the engine, it runs very sweet as it is but is seriouly lacking in low end power, again I have several barrels to play with and a ported oversized liner is one of the ideas I had in mind, taking dimensions from my Fantic 200 barrel. I don't consider any of these mods to be outside the rules as the basic frame and engine appearance will not change and everyone I know has tried to tune their motors in one way or another. Good Luck with the project Trevor
  6. I have one Mark, hows the back??
  7. You've had my opinion, good luck with your project
  8. Howdo Guys. Lady luck was with me twice last week. After a few months of deciding what I was going to do with my pair of Dalesmans I got stuck in. One is going to be restored to original the other is going to get developed. I had a Dalesman when a kid for schoolboy scrambling and thought it was great, in later life and now into twinshock trialling everyone I speak to says they weren't very good for trialing, engine being to peaky with no bottom end at all. So I'm on a mission to make one work at trials. Good luck one, a mate asked me to put some brake shoes in his Seeley, on closer inspection they are identical to the Puch moped shoes fitted to the front end (well nothing that a file and vice won't sort in thirty seconds) on further checking these are the same shoes fitted across half the Honda small bike range from C50 upwards so no shortage there. Good luck two, I was trying to find a 9 tooth sprocket for the front and rang all the suppliers to no avail then typed 9 tooth sprocket into ebay and the first pic it showed looked exactly like the one I needed 12 spline shaft and 428 size, they wanted
  9. Theres a load of Italjet stuff on Ebay at the moment, hope you find what you need
  10. Mine had a 2" preload on them but I remove it and put power steering fluid in. That made them much softer and more responsive, I added 1/2" spacers to get the 'sag' set up right
  11. Can you tell me what year the 200 is, I can help with the older ones but not 81+
  12. Howdo guys, can you tell me of any trials blogs to follow. I know of Dave Dawson, Blackcats and Totalshells but wonder if there are any more. The ones on here seem to of been abandoned Twinshock, classic or Pre 65 preferred but will give all a glance through Cheers Treevor
  13. Nice Work John, thanks for these
  14. I got the chance to work on one of the Dalesmans I bought over the Easter/Wedding bank holiday weekends and managed to get an engine together and put in a rolling chassis, I just pulled her out of the shed to try and start her and Wheyhey third kick off she went. Back in now and working like mad to get her built to try on weds night. Hey Mike, sorry for delayed reply about the chassis on German Ebay, it is certainly not a Dalesman frame but I don't have enough knowledge of the classic trials frames to tell you what it is sorry.
  15. Probably been up before but worthy of seeing again