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  1. Asking for a friend who is presently without internet access. His 4t Beta with the 300 kit is pouring gas overboard through the carb overflow. Our local dealer switched out the carb 3 times with the same results. The dealer then put the offending carb on another 4t w/300 kit and there was no leaking. We're all baffled. Any input, suggestions or experiences with this problem are greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Went through this several years ago. The advise I got was to do push ups and adjust the width of your hands until you feel the least amount of strain on your arms and shoulders. Then measure the distance of your hands. That would be the ideal handlebar width. When I did this procedure the width was quite short, so I cut 1/2 off of each end and it made all the difference in the world without sacrificing leverage. Just remember to start with small cuts so you don't ruin a set of handlebars finding what works for you. If your bars are forcing you to take a wider grip than what is natural for your body, it will lead to arm fatigue.
  3. Longer bolts for the rear. Just opened up the oil drain hole a bit so I can change the oil without taking the plate off.
  4. Had the same issues with my bike. The gas was kind of old so I added half race gas. Also went from a standard plug to a new iridium plug. Worked like a charm.
  5. So when is the inagural 128th St Crowd cup?
  6. I don't think there is a shop manual. The only complaint I have with Scorpa is the lack of documentation. There is an on-line manual available on the Scorpa website. As for the rear axle nut, I would get it tight, but don't over do it, using appropriate hand tools.
  7. Without a doubt, the one the only Ringo!
  8. My Dad owned one of these and let me ride it in enduros. Great bike. Thanks for the memories.
  9. Ron

    My vote is Sammy Miller. Of course I'm dating myself with this choice.
  10. Ron

    It warms my heart to see the return of TC to it's old glory Ringo, Mich and Sendero back on their keyboards like the good old days. It's been well over 100 here in the desert, people are getting snarly commuting in the dry heat, it's refreshing to come home and get a good laugh.
  11. My local dealer ran out of the aerosal spray filter oil so I bought the bottled variety. At first I kind of drizzled it on and spread out with my hands. Later on I switch to dunking the filter in the oil and wringing it out. That proceedure over oiled the filter. The bike ran very much like yours. My dual sport bike had the same problem and wouldn't pass the the MVD emissions test. I've since cleaned the filters with PJ1 spray filter cleaner and bought a can of spray oil. So far so good. While you have the carb apart go through all the jets and openings with some compressed air, never hurts.
  12. My standard plate requires tension as you have described. I believe this to provide additonal structural strength to the frame. The longer bolt method works well for me.
  13. We have a young man in our club who rides trick BMX. He's a top sportsman rider. His dad rides trials and singletrack.
  14. What they're going to do to us Bagger is use the dust factor to close us down. The EPA always picks a windy day when all the farm fields out west are being blown across the state and fines the county or state on a dust/pollen/particulate violation. Guess who pays? I take it Reed Valley is no longer available as a venue for ATA events as well? Glad I had a chance to ride there at least once.