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TRS swing arm and rear suspension lube

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So We've had the TRS 300 RR a few months so figured time to grease the linkage and swing arm.  I'm used to working on Beta's and they are a bit of a pain getting at the rear linkage.  No issues on the TRS 4 bolts and a jubilee clip and the rear end comes off revealing the shock and linkage.  One bolt and the swing arm bolt and a brake line retaining clip and the swing arm is out.  Fantastic ! 

First problem was when when I went to clean out the old grease and put some new stuff in.  loads of needle roller bearings fell out.  Same issue on the other bearings in the rear linkage.  I managed to get more grease in and replace the rollers.  So my question is what is the best way to keep the bearings in good shape ??  On the beta I used to wash out the old bearings and re pack with new grease but clearly washing old grease out on the TRS removes all the needle rollers.

I'm very tempted to see about getting the bolts drilled and grease nipples put in the ends.  A 2 hour job greasing it all up could be reduced to 10 minutes with a grease gun !  

Any thought's comments ? 

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Un caged roller bearings need grease to keep the rollers in. Don't wash the old stuff out with anything, just displace it all with new grease. 

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