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    The organizers became aware of this, If you check their website out they are now charging
  2. Just thought I would chuck my two pence worth in as I started trials in the early eighties when it was just twin shocks with the no stop rule and the sections were set out to suit, then monoshocks came along which seemed to whip them sections easily, eventually as more mono's turned up and less twinshocks sections were made tight and twisty if you couldn't bunny hop you had no chance, skillful as it may be some riders took ages in a section lining their bikes up for the next climb regardless of probably 20 riders waiting at the section, to me it became dull and less fun, so I am all for the non stop rule, but which ever rule is adopted it should be for all clubs and riders should adapt to what is set out in front of them.
  3. jamersby


    For all you offroaders looking for somewhere to ride or practise once a month Sat/Sun or the whole weekend check out Enduro uk. Endurouk is a new club formed recently and is run by Vicky and Clyde who organise these events purely for the love of the sport, they have two sites available to use with other sites in prospect,being riders themselves their aim is to provide offroaders somewhere to ride/practise and enjoy themselves with easy and hard routes depending on your skills, they have a great little kiddies track - good for the family, they have a terrific set up with paramedics always in attendance should you need them. As most offroaders will know that finding somewhere to ride these days is getting harder, the organisers of Enduro uk put in alot of time,money and effort into staging their events for us riders to enjoy, check it out on you tube Whittham on the hill and Colsterworth then come along to the next event 19th and 20th November your support would be welcomed, have been to the last three events you won't be disappointed, I would put a direct link to you tube and endurouk.co.uk but don't know how to do it.
  4. jamersby

    Rev 80 misfire

    Way back in December I had problems with the Rev 80 misfire, a month ago I had the stator rewound by WCW after advice from all on this forum, and sure enough problem cured, thought I would post the outcome for any body who has the same problem. Cheers all
  5. I did the back wheel on my Rev 3 yesterday with exactly the same problem, being a builder I use an expanding rawlbolt thats almost the same size as the internal of the spacer then drill a hole in a piece of flat bar to fit over the threaded end of the rawlbolt put the nut on and tighten it all up you can then tap the under side of the flat bar with a hammer, mine came out in seconds, I also use this method to get pistons out of brake callipers when they are pushed flat or seized in there housing works every time for me although you must use the right type of rawlbolt ones that expand at the ends. don't use the ones that expand in the middle. The alloy spacers do fit inside the bearings, if you don't get on with the above you can still get the bearings out the usuall way then use a socket to tap out the spacer, I normally heat the hub up around the bearing with a blow lamp it's easier to get the bearings out. Hope this helps
  6. Can't beat neat fairy liquid also sticks the tyre to the rim when dry, never had corrosion problems been using it for years,it also does the dishes lol.
  7. jamersby

    Rev 80 misfire

    Hi Mark, I was at Earls Shilton at the weekend where there are alot of Rev 80 riders, after some chat it seems this misfire is quite common, replacing the stator cured the problem I was told. Reading your post has confirmed it for me, now I know where I am going on this one, thanks for your reply I will sort this in Jan and post the outcome, cheers Paul
  8. jamersby

    Rev 80 misfire

    Hi Mark, it certainly is a strange fault and it's doing my head in, I have tried every thing I can think of with no luck I tend to think it's more electrical but which bit I don't know, the bike is ridable so I will have to put up with it for now. If I get it sorted I will post on this thread so it may help others. Thanks for your help Paul
  9. jamersby

    Rev 80 misfire

    Hi Mark,in answer to your questions I have let the bike cool off and changed the spark plug and it will still misfire at about a third throttle. When My lad rode the bike the other Sunday at a trial it was wet. On full throttle under load it seems to be rpm. It is a misfire. I have checked the petrol flow which comes through at a good rate, I recently fitted a new in line filter and cleaned out the petrol tank in hope that it would eliminate dirt etc. the air filter is recently new and I clean it regular. It will rev up fine at half throttle when it starts misfiring, if I clean the carb out and the wipe the stator (when I'm back home)it will rev up fine but only last's for about 40 minutes or so regardless of wet or dry conditions, I'm baffled as to whether it's carb or electrical, should I get the stator rewound and then try it or what? we had a 2004 Rev 80 which had the exact symptons I didn't cure that one either I sold it bought this one and now back to square one. Cheers Paul.
  10. jamersby

    rev 80 clutch

    Hi, there are several threads been posted on this subject. I had a 2004 beta 80 with the same problem ordered a competition clutch but was told it would be weeks before I got it. The Rev 80 is basically a KTM engine so most parts fit, gearbox bearings are the same and so on, I fitted a complete clutch from a 2006 SX KTM 65 because the ring gear was worn our 80, had to fit the KTM gear pinion with it, but check the parts as there may be some variations between models. The clutch plates should fit straight in on yours. I was told that KTM had a surplus of engines which Beta bought and modified some parts i.e the gear ratio's, flywheel etc to suit trials. Also I found KTM parts are cheaper than buying Beta,
  11. To be honest I can't remember the size difference between the mini and the 50 as it was some time ago, last week at our local trial there was alot of mini and beta 50's but I didn't take much notice, I do remember visiting the Beta stand at the dirt bike show about 5 years ago to look at the bikes we discarded the mini trial bike straight away it was too small my lad was approx 4ft tall then, John Lampkin told me that the mini bike was ok for a while and advised that we went for a geared 50, kids of that age soon get to grips with it if they are interested. I would suggest that you go to a local trial and check out the youngsters bikes and compare them, they may even let your lad have a ride, if your lad is tall for his age I would say the geared 50 if he is comfortable with it, it will also mean one less bike to purchase.
  12. Personally I would go for the Beta Rev 50 geared bike, my lad started trials at 6 years of age and rode a Honda crf 50 it was geared but with no clutch lever, a year later I bought him a TXT Gas Gas 50 had loads of electrical problems,but I think the models from 2006 are ok,I bought him the Rev 50 geared bike and within the hour he had got the hang of it,we kept it for 18 months it never let us down, the Beta minitrial is smaller and probably ideal for Youth D, hope this helps.
  13. jamersby

    Rev 80 misfire

    Hi guys, back to the misfiring 80, tried the spark in the dark no wandering sparks, took the exhaust off clear as a bell, took the carb off checked and cleaned everything, I took the flywheel off and cleaned the stator and flywheel some dirt but not excessive, I put it all back together it fired up and ran at high revs without missing, ah! great I thought, my lad tested it at a trial yesterday it run great for 2 laps then it started misfiring again but not so bad as before, he finished the trisl with no problem but I still haven't cured it any idea's ?
  14. Hi Mickmc, before you go to beta agents which could be expensive try your local area who supplies bearings ie. premier bearings or transpower drives etc they will be alot cheaper, you may have to take the bearings to match up or the number on the bearing, I use copper or normal grease for any bearings I put in, I'm surprised that your steering head bearings have gone already your sure they gone or maybe just need tightening up ? as they are normally taper bearings they are not difficult to change, basically take the top yoke off and drop the front wheel and forks off in one piece swap bearings and put it back together hope this helps. Is your rev 80 still misfiring at high revs? I think I have cured mine but it needs to be tested for half an hour or so will let you know the outcome when tested. Paul
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