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  1. Maybe it's a unused drilling for the idle circuit if the mixture screw was on the opposite side of the carby ?
  2. Rear spindle is the same as a 349. The front will depend on the yokes as some have a narrow yoke set up so cota123/200 should fit, but wide yokes will be the same as a 349.
  3. The tube mounts are missing although the spacer on the wheel spindle is still present. The new tensioner from Inmotion looks the same as the pics set by gasseco but I thing the mounting spindle is too long miss aligning the tensioner. A easy fix but annoying!
  4. Thanks I've got the thing mounted there but it must be incorrect because it does not line up with the chain and the return spring hits the frame and jambs the whole thing up!
  5. Any one got a pic of one fitted got a new one from Inmotion and either I'm being completely dumb or it does not fit. Thanks in advance James
  6. Inmotion as already mentioned or try Kevin Breedon Racing he supplied me with a 349 piston last year. millers may also be able to help. And please note most suppliers stock more than is shown on their websites!
  7. The number should be the same as the frame. The casing have other numbers that are matching numbers as the cases where graded in the factory and matched together then have the same number stamped on the two halfs of the case. These numbers are usually on the engine mounting lugs and usually are a two digit number.
  8. Which bracket? The torque arm which goes from the brake plate to the leg? The cable bracket that holds the cable to the fork leg? James
  9. The small side of the hub ticks out 5mm from the edge of the rim laying a straight edge across the top of the spoke flange.
  10. I will measure the offset of a spare wheel if you want so you know the factory spec.
  11. There should be a spacer that the seal runs on between the bearing and speedo drive it looks to be about 10 mm thick.
  12. I have looked at a mh 200 front wheel I have it has no spacer between the brake plate and the fork it has a10mmish spacer between the bearing and the speedo drive and no other spacers The end of the wheel spindle does poke through the fork leg to get the forks parallel though about 4mm so Mabee it has lost the 4 mm spacer in time.
  13. Gearbox sae80 gear oil 300mL Clutch automatic transmission fluid 300 mL
  14. On the top of the crank cases behind the barrel
  15. The fork tube can be level or dropped through say 6-10mm, this will sharpen up the steering as long as the forks dont hit the bottom of the bottom yoke. I run my MH349 with the forks pushed through 6mm but the cota 200 is level (I havent played about with it yet!). The 200 turnes a bit better than the 349 mainly because its shorter as the forks seem to be about the same angle. Im quite impressed with the 200 Im pushing 18 stone and it will drag me around most sections the little motor is impressive pulling really well for only 175cc, I havent road a TY175 for some time but the cota seems more lively but still has the ability to plod when required.
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