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  1. 60north

    Ty250 Mono Rings

    the thickness of the rings are different, if you hold the rings in the piston groove you will see which one goes where
  2. one of the holes in the rubber should line up with the mudguard mounting holes, i glued mine in place otherwise it falls off if you remove the tank and mudguard together
  3. as said above, do a compression first and as a ballpark figure from when i rebuilt my engine was 195psi after rebuild, and 120psi before rebuild. the piston and rings are no longer available from gasgas, but you can fit S3 piston then have cylinder re-plated to suit new piston
  4. you may have the domino fast action throttle fitted which has a white tube, and can be changed for a slow action which has a black tube, i'm pretty sure thats all you will need
  5. you can download the ty350 service + workshop manuals from here http://www.custgp.com/downloads.html 250 and 350 are the same except the bore & stroke + carb jet sizes
  6. download the 2001 parts manual from here, http://www.trialspartsusa.com/GASGASmanuals.html and this may be the washer you need http://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=29_63&products_id=1952 hope this helps.
  7. kickstart spring has just needs slotted back into place on kickstart shaft, it's tricky to see as it's behind the washer on shaft. had same happen to me
  8. hi slogger, i made mine out of threaded rod, m14 if i remember but best check first. i cut rod to length then welded a nut on each end and use socket with ratchet.
  9. the hex bolt is 22mm across the flats and steel bar is 600mm long so can be done with forks extended if necessary
  10. 60north

    Ty Mono Shirt Disc

    hi wacky, the wheel, disc and caliper are taken from the fantic 243. i use ebc fa099 pads, dimensions are 31.5 x 52 x 5.5mm. goldfren 120 pads is another i have used in the past. if you fit a fantic disc the mounting holes will have to be countersunk to allow clearance for the shirty bracket, i fitted a new/old stock disc last year and found no improvment in braking, hope this helps
  11. i use the same method as cumberland + soften the fork seal with a hot air gun first
  12. hope it starts j13me, and remember when using the choke, dont touch the throttle because it will alter the cold start fueling. good luck
  13. hi j13me, this is a link for the info on the 95/96 GG250. http://mypage.direct.ca/b/billyd/ggman.pdf i found the best way to bleed brakes/clutch is to reverse bleed from the bleed nipple back to the resevoir using a large syringe full of dot 4 fluid. you may have to do the rear brake several times as their a pain to get right
  14. hi guys, i i used to find it awkward while wearing gloves to turn off the choke on my bike, so i drilled a small hole in the lever & fitted a tiny cable tie to pull on to turn the choke off.
  15. hi yorick, you can download the service and workshop manuals for the ty350 from this web page, http://www.custgp.com/downloads.html they are the same bikes except the cc and perhaps the carb jets.
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