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  1. Its all about falling off in the mud, we spend as much time laughing as we do riding Big rocks
  2. Liking the sound of the Expat Trials Scene off to look at a house in Plonévez-du-Faou, Brittany at the end of the month I am also very skilled in the art of falling off so hope to meet up one day
  3. No not looked into internet too much One property we looked at in Callac had slow ADSL with Orange but her brother next door had an installation arranged by the Maire with ISP Alsatis and had 10Mb Got a speed test site then ?
  4. Been over viewing props and constantly scouring t'internet. Been looking at Côtes-d'Armor but generally anywhere in Brittany as long as the internet is fast for work. Viewed a few around Rostrennen found a nice house but it's in Pays De La Loire ! Have not looked to much at any land
  5. You are obviously familiar with my current neck of the woods
  6. Looking to buy a place in Brittany this year hopefully with a little riding space so will keep in touch
  7. Hi Richard Cant help with a bike but wondered are there many places to ride in Brittany? What area of Brittany are you in? Thanks Tony
  8. Technique goes a long way - I never have a problem starting my 280 Gas 99% of the time 1st kick But a small displacement would make it easier Daughter has a 125 Gas Gas that starts by breathing on the kickstart (slight exageration ) Or the 4stroke Beta is a doddle to kick
  9. Hi And Welcome Poles Wood might be a bit nearer to you depending on where Cambs? Poles Wood is opposite the Secret Nuclear Bunker CM15 0LA
  10. Is that not illegal
  11. Its 5k for the 2 Betas and 5k for the KTM
  12. Guess we will all be riding belt driven or battery bikes next Bloody elf "n" safety
  13. balance, leverage and weight transfer? Carbon brakes will stop much quicker and this transfers the weight better? Increased drag? Easier to get your foot on the footpeg for the corner? Either way Rossi started it in 05 and as Burgess proved with Rossi's data no benefit was gained by carrying out the "leg wave" or leaving his foot on the pegs
  14. Britain's worst recession since the end of the war, mass riots, 15% mortgage rates, VAT increase, sold off all the assets & probably still recovering now! Now we have to pay for her sodding funeral
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