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  1. Later model 09 evos had the 2010 radiators "filler cap in middle of rad" also check swingarm they were also known to crack on 09s.
  2. We used ATF i think it was about 150-200 cc/mltr should be stamped on clutch cover.
  3. ducati996

    Honda Cr500

    They do say the 85 motor was the most powerful,has it still got the original magnesium clutch cover as they are renowned for corrosion ?
  4. ducati996

    Crf 150

    Try Race Spec in Gloucester 01684 299699
  5. ducati996

    Honda Cr500

    Them factory swingarms are nice,the factory riders also had the advantage of a de compressor on the barrels of the RC Hondas.
  6. ducati996

    Honda Cr500

    Our CR 500 89,CR250 88 & CR 250 87,the CR 500 came from California and still has its original front tyre.
  7. ducati996


    There is a myth that Maico's are hard to start,hence the nickname Maygo's,Raymond made that video to prove them wrong hence the reason why he keeps touching the exhausts to prove the bikes are cold.
  8. ducati996


    The first video is a guy from Scotland "Raymond Thompson" he is a Maico fanatic.
  9. ducati996


    Maico 490 1981 best twinshock MX bike ever,we own two,piston port & reed valve.
  10. You need a tool that's called a blind bearing puller.
  11. Give Trials UK a call am sure they can help you.
  12. Rossi wont win another Moto GP championship,he has had his day,Colin Edwards on a CRT bike winning would be good.
  13. Fair enough,didn't know moto 2 & moto3 didn't race at Laguna Seca but yea he will pick it up quick.
  14. As long as he can stay on he will do well,he would have ridden Laguna Seca last yr in Moto 2 so he will be familiar with the cork screw. Would be nice to see Cal Crutchlow win on Satellite Yamaha or will Yamaha give him a shot on Lorenzo's Factory bike ?
  15. Would still result in diagonal movement to the side but nothing in the motion of going forward because you have just created the makings of a right angled triangle which would result in a 5.
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