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  1. Stu Results on another good local site www.mx247.com Looks like you finished second. Well done Elwyn
  2. We use Davis Accessories. Tel 020 8301 1365. All punches have different marks to stop cheating !
  3. Come on all Midland centre youth riders. If you have not yet experienced the Homemaster Removals backed youth championship enter on day and participate. This is your championship ! Good luck to the Stratford club and well done for taking on one of the championship rounds.
  4. My company Homemaster Removals were the proud sponsors of section 3 at Hawkstone today. What a superb section on all three routes ! If anyone has any good photos of the riders going thro this section I would be grateful of a copy. Please e.mail to elwyn@homemasterremovals.co.uk Thanks Elwyn
  5. Atom. Tom & I have just returned from the GB Hare Scramble Championship at Pentbontfawr. Organised by Steve Ireland and the WOR team. Absolutly superb !!!! Tom rode one and half hour in morning and I rode 2 hr afternoon. Had problem with clutch on KTM with Tom so I rode the trials bike for 2 laps whilst KTM was fixed. I was certainly not disgraced holeshoting 4th of line (pack of 20 riders) and holding place till bike gave up ! Jumpt on KTM to finish! Very well organised, very relaxed and a terrific 6 mile course. Yes expensive but I feel value for money. Totally different to trials in fact very little comparison. Both are great fun so a combination of both is perfect ! Watch TMX News and see the coverage they get this week from the meeting today!
  6. Spot on Bikespace - It should be the current riders and parents that put their thoughts into this sort of debate. We at Breidden Hills ...........(Ok enough of that) Seriously lads and dads give us organisers your honest views.
  7. Constructive comments Markymark and your ideas 1, 2, 4 & 5 are sound. Reference section 3 on the tough big sections to bring on world class riders.In reality we are talking very few riders in this category but non the less very important. The ideal way to give these lads a run out would be another route thro the section aka Expert Extreme. We tried this in a Breidden Hills club trial 3 weeks ago at Nantmawr Quarry when we ran a 'green' route which deviated off the normal expert route and marked it to a loose FIM marking system. We attracted 7 riders to attempt it - Youth riders Alexz, Ross, Buster, George Morton together with Tom Sagar, Craig Robinson & Eddie Roberts. Nothing stupid but some tasty big rocks and technical terrain.I must admit it took a lot of planning, especially given that we put 5 routes thro each section ! It was a success. In fact for Alexz and Ross it was still not hard enough ! Have a look at www.breiddenhillsmcc.org or www.rossdanby.net to see piccies and videos. Food for thought ?
  8. desperado

    Otter Vale

    Early days I know but any inkling as to how the boys did today at Youth A & B ?
  9. Ten out of ten for initiative thou Andy - as they say use what you have around you.
  10. Grant excuse me for bringing this up but because they have not changed the scoring system at World level it negates your article. Suggest put another slant on the question as in 'What if they changed ....... '. Only a suggestion. Good luck.
  11. Perhaps PTO would be better on the helmet Stu - Only joking !
  12. You said it Atom. Of all the places in all the world to fall off - and you wern't even riding the event !
  13. We ran our trial yesterday at Nantmawr catering for 100 riders over 5 routes looking after complete beginners to Alexz & Ross at Youth World level. Yes we are mad but we enjoyed organising it and watching the top boys master our FIM 'Green' route was un believable. Constructive feedback would help us for future events. We have broad shoulders and can take critism (well a little)so long as constructive. Give us your positive thoughts as well on what you liked so we make sure we keep in / improve on these aspects.
  14. Whatever you do pop over and see us at section 2. Once again Homemaster Removals are sponsoring the section. Proud to be involved !
  15. It has to be said we are all really excited at the prospect of 'The Great Andy' coming over to our humble little trial. Just checked the weather - dry and sunny 5 degrees - perfect.
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