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  1. Well on my old one it only fitted with thebig Hole inwards..On the 2017 they are equal. /Tj
  2. Well it's pretty essential as it stabilisera the front Wheel because of the gyro effect. Btw the northernmost wch point scoring rider (well could be a fin or norwegian up there) lasse holmberg Hudik (wch venue 86 and 93) tried to wheelie round a 4km mx Course with his yam ty but failed as his front Wheel moto gave up. Could be strong ofc. Btw there's a rumour about Toni bou riding down from the top of the ski slopes of rabassa to sån Julia in andorra on the front Wheel if dougie succedes and prolly 2 3 Times to match the distance. He wanted to frontwheely down Mount Everest first but his employee montesa thought is was to risky and expensive...??Btw my pad is rubbish translation evert singel word to swenglish ?
  3. Well there's a rumour that they are aiming to start producing bikes this autumn however no official info even for the dealers... Prolly they won't make an official statement before funding is secured and the GG thing is sorted. However seems like they haven't gave up totally yet however time is running out and the number of possible customers (Ossa bike buyers) is decreasing.//TJ Ps had my first time out on my Ossa for this year (knne problems has ruined this season...) today but starting probs prolly due to discharged battery (fuel straight into cylinder however is a trick) made it a shorter one. DS
  4. Well hard to tell; there is 3 men above all Tarres (SSDT win, bikedesigner, coach (Raga) and biggest contributer to modern trials riding techniques). Dougie always solid and on top indoors/outdoors/SSDT etc (never does any mistakes), Bou dominating everything and mastering the 4 stroke never tried SSDT. Funny is that Dougie was riding worse on the 4 stroke and Bou really stepped up from being incosistent and 5th to 10 strait titles... Miller and Jeff Smith was another era so hard to compare. Less international competition in trials. Regarding SSDT. No one wins SSDT first year a top 3 is great and 5 would be good for a top 3 WCH rider.Top 10 realistic if no preparation. You need at least one year to learn the event. Bou with his smooth riding style would surly win in 3 attempts with decent preparation (some straem training up in andorra and not only dry rocks) unless struck by bad luck or ignorence of making a seroius attempt or Dougie or someone else having a monster week... Look at Pons, Corgot, Bilbao Spaniards taking the win. Regarding Enduro I'm pretty sure both Dougie with his determination and Bou with his smooth but attacking riding style would have taken WCH medals if they've gone for that career. Merriman, Salminen,Paul Eddy, Knight where all X trials riders dominating the sport. However the most impressive lap ever must be Dougies 2nd lap on 2nd day Hawkstone Park 98. Non stop ice road slippery mud. Jarvis did a great lap 30; Colomer leading but 48. Dougie 4... !!!! WTF some of the sections were inridable for less than a lucky 3. Also Bou in Spain 08 and Tarres in Sweden 87 have been my personal highlights of their careers. Conclusion shared 1st place for Dougie, Bou and Tarres.
  5. Well it seems like all rounds are up on FIMTV/Youtube!!! For example Sheffield: Cheers TJ
  6. Jepp strong from Bou and nice one from Caby (saw his first podium back in Germany 99 and first win up in Italian alps 00 so he has become one of my favourites with his soft riding style (also seems to be a nice guy always having time for his fans)). Looking at the section scores the trial could have gone either way for the top 6. Seems lika a 0 or 5 trials with only Dibsta 5ing a section 3 times. Gelabert in 14th had a lap of 5 so also theoretically had the potential to win. Wonder if it was strict nonstop observing or just small margins in the sections. Any videos around? /TJ
  7. Works here to! - Seems like French and Austrian round is in as well!
  8. Well just a few days away. Seems to be the most competitive in years with 23 riders preentried and 15-20 riding most of the series. Grattarola, Gubian and Brown back. Gelabert and Caudemberg newbies. Only Shep and the Japs missing of the top 20 guys. /TJ
  9. Well spikes still on (used to train with spikes myself when I lived up in middle Sweden). But the helmet is missing ;-) Here's the whole outfit with Airoh helmet (damn pretty and comfy) however the Clice pants are made for Spaniards and fits worse. The angry grimage prolly comes from taking a stupid 5 as not being used to the fotpeg position being further forward than on the Beta thinking that you are over the edge of a rock to early...
  10. Thanks for sharing! Nice backflip! Seems to be filmed in Andorra the last part def at Naturlandia in Rabassa (10km by road from St Julia and starting place for the 2008 TDN). If you go there don't miss the Tobotronc Rodel/rollercoaster. :-) /TJ
  11. Hi again. Well a bit unclear press release stating one team of 3+3. However reading the FIM 2016 rules it's still a men and a woman TDN but the number of male riders have been limited to 3 for some reason...Perhaps better limit the depot spots for the factory teams instead than limit the number of riders by 20 men. Even the smaller trials nations use to be able to put together a team of 4 riders. Wonder if 2 or 3 riders count per section... However a mixed event and a junior event would be a nice season closer for the ECH if not thrown into the TDN friday due to lack of depot space for 150-200 riders. Sorry for the confusion... /TJ
  12. jagman_swe

    Yes Or No ?

    And Swedish fluently! :-). /TJ
  13. As posted on TC: Trial des Nations Trial des Nations – Changes to team composition: Each Nation will be composed of 10 people with FIM Bibs: 3 Men Riders 3 Women Riders 2 Assistants for the entire team (Men and Women) ...1 Team Manager -1 Delegate Hmm and how many countries has 2-3 decent trials girls. how are they thinking! Btw does all 3 count. Will there be a A/B course for all? Will decimate the number of teams from 20-25 mens *4 + 8-12 ladies teams down to 8-12 teams... Why not run a mixed TDN 2+2 mens/ladies on Friday + Junior 125 teams (3 boys). The thought of a mixed event is good but keep the old mens/ladies event as well. Look at Biathloon where it has gone to absurdity with mixed ordinary relays, mixed pair relays and single relays at the same championships... Look at Sweden and Czech Republic (top 10) with no real womens team.Japan used to have a team and prolly some more countries would be in. For most national top riders the TDN is a big goal to get into the team and try to do their best as a team in their National coulors. Ok with persuation were would be some x-riders able to ride or some young girls would have to dab through the easier sections and hand in the cards for fives for more than half of the sections (not that fun for a long journey). Why the change? /TJ
  14. Well #2 (not #3) in qually and #5 in final the hard ones. Still better than most Barca rounds that have been 0 or 5 sections. At least in the quall round sections were rideable and seemed to take dabs from all apart from Bou. And Bou on top as usual. Btw didn't the race section count at all? Or just for starting order. Most noticeable is the amount of bash plate dabs. Some for real some just touches... If those observers had observed at outdoor WTCH rounds in Spain or Andorra with the same consistency some sections would have been 5s all through the field. /TJ
  15. Hmm that sxs! :-( Nice work to find videos and so preciated by us; we the big trials fans being able to watch the action otherwise missed. And btw halfway through watching qually round nice work Eddie! Hard work starting #1,(Busto did great on speed test) still 2 mistakes (2nd section clean on 2nd attempt and should have cleaned log section...) from 5-6 place and 1s time mark and a questonable bash plate dab... Remember that this youngster has limited X-trial xperience on this level (though the to hard sections last year) and is riding a 4-stroke more suitable for outdoor trials. Busto was also doing almost equally well but with some mistakes. Nice to see that the qually round was spot on in difficulty with only one hard Bou/Raga section (#3) and the others being technical and dropping marks from all even though most riders could get through them without a 5. Not the usual 0/5 stuff seen in Barceloa earlier. Will throw in comments on final later on... Sometimes I can't help myself but with no posts this forum would be boring. Btw Thanks guy, gguk, dabsta etc for contributing . Will try to startup some interesting threads myself if I get time ;-) Cheers TJ
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