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  1. Massive thanks to all the sponsors of the event, check out the results http://www.yeadon-guiseleytrials.co.uk/results/mackenzie-super-stars-trial/
  2. According to the regs and programme the officials were Clerk of the course Dave Aspinal Assistant clerk of the course John Kerwin I assume Graham was section designer (who was there Saturday and Sunday)
  3. The Mintex youth trial is a once a year chance at something completely different. It is all about pace and avoiding trouble, so any confident B and A class riders should enjoy the challenge. This years quickest ride was just under 3hrs and last about 5hrs. Check out the results on the Richmond website for the section scores. Bike preparation is litte more than well maintained, some mud proofing front mudguard, heavy duty front tube and a Dunlop rear tyre. Good luck
  4. m&s

    wainwrght trial

    The regs are on Wetherbys website, http://www.wetherbymc.co.uk/wainwright-shield/
  5. Exactly, I only got to see sections 1 to 4 once catching required, and 10 to 12 once, had to be happy to stop watch on sections 5 to 9. I am not criticising the sections nor against long lap lengths, but if we could mind on bikes the whole thing would be easier to cope with. It is nice to know that riders can seek help from other parents but this should not be necessary when a named minder is signed on.
  6. I do not think anybody would want to mind on a bike at any of the compact venues. But minders on bikes (possibly with an acu licence) at large venues would remove a lot of parental worries as to how riders are managing, physically and mechanically. This weekend in A class actual catching was at a minimum but timing a must.
  7. MSM Insurance can be contacted on 01279 870535 or msm@msminsurance.co.uk
  8. Just changed from Carole Nash (policy didn't actually exclude motorsport, but didn't include it either) To MSM, who answered the phone and recognised exactly what I wanted, a TPFT policy that covers the road stages of recognised trials or enduro events. Evo 250 no problem,
  9. Not you actually as the rider in question acknoledged the fact his bars were on the ground. Your comment just shows how tricky it is to make a judgement under the current rules.
  10. Due to adverse weather conditions the Bottle trial due to run on Sunday has been cancelled.
  11. The engine stops whilst ANY part of the machine , with the exception of the TYRES. So sumped out would be 5
  12. In 2008 TSR22a Definitions under the heading of FOOTING states that footing will have occured if any part of the riders body or any part of the machine (with the exception of the tyres and sumpshield) touches the ground or an obstacle (tree wall etc). In 2009 TSR22a references to "any part of the machine" was removed So rightly or wrongly using the 2009 rules the penalty would be a one for "any part of the body" touching the ground.
  13. There are no youth classes as advertised in TMX at the Spen Valley Yorkshire centre team trial, next Sunday September 6th.
  14. Scarborough website, results section , non sdmc files , Adult , Youth and Girls results are there http://www.scarboroughdmc.co.uk/pages/down...esultsadult.pdf http://www.scarboroughdmc.co.uk/pages/down...esultsyouth.pdf http://www.scarboroughdmc.co.uk/pages/down...esultsgirls.pdf Hope this helps
  15. m&s

    Mintex Trial

    A CLASS Ist Richard Sadler Time 3 Obs 8 11 2nd Jack Shepherd Time 0 Obs 12 12 3rd Josh Maude Time 3 Obs 25 28 B CLASS 1st Jack Stones Time 4 Obs 24 28 2nd Robert Waite Time 0 Obs 31 31 3rd Sam Yeadon Time 8 Obs 24 32
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