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    06 Beta rev3

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    Sherwood Park, AB,Canada via Merthyr
  1. Already have one on my '06 (been on there since last sumer too).. Looks great
  2. taff

    Team Beta

    At one point in my life I was a local person.... But the rest of my family still are
  3. taff

    Team Beta

    Hmmmm place does look familiar... but I need to see a few more pics before I could be sure
  4. Gave up on the lawn mowing tho' eh?
  5. Apologies.... 1990 it was...
  6. I did see it.... It was in 1991.
  7. taff

    O6 Rev 3 250 Parts List

    Perfect....Cheers mate
  8. taff

    O6 Rev 3 250 Parts List

    Cheers MT.. pm sent
  9. taff

    O6 Rev 3 250 Parts List

    Thanks Barry... But I need the 2006 parts breakdown.. BetaMotor website only shows the current model so was hopig someone had one for the 2006 that they downloaded last year.
  10. Hi lads Any one know of a parts breakdown online or have one to email??? Cheers Taff
  11. This guy seems to know a thing or two about stickers for trailers
  12. taff

    Getting Old!

    No point Jay................... it's usually just me
  13. taff

    Getting Old!

    I've seen a few do it during the trial. Really loosened them up a bit. unless you've seen us ride up here Zippy........I ain't gonna comment
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