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  1. Hello, I had that problem on my 2014 300. It was a bad relay on mine(small rectangular relay) /Christian
  2. I bought this insteed of the Ossa but i will probably buy anothe trial when my wallet is not below level.....
  3. Yes,me to. The engine is on it´s way to The netherlands for repair now,new owner sent it down. Have a nice weekend Christian
  4. Thanks for the many advices. engine is on its way to nonstopmotoren. I hhave heard that its magnesium,otherwise i have tried to weld it. Thanks again Christian
  5. He probably did as he tried to fix it with jb weld. Edit:i´ll try nonstopmotoren and see what they have. Thanks
  6. Anyone knows of an engine block for sale? The owner before me "forgott" to tell me aboute a crack in the engine..... Sold the bike a couple of weeks ago and the new owner found out,he was not happy. I´ll try to help him out with the problem. I have emailed joa hindren and trials and tribulations but no answer yet. Regards Christian Sweden
  7. christianmoller

    300 factory

    my 2014 factory says this.
  8. Ops, I also post on the wrong place,sorry for that
  9. Took my cover of today just to see some oil...... after i made me a puller i took the flywheel of and the bolts were not loose,they were starting to come loose. If you loose crank case compresion the plug would not get wet,everyting gets out in the generator/stator area and bike wont start. Do as ric h says,check bolts Have a nice day Christian
  10. was out today for a run,great fun. After a while it started to "burp"at the radiator,fan did not work. Used the software to engage fan but no,relay said"click" but no fan. Some check on cables,swapped out the relay and yeess,fan working again. Did som on/off via software and then out again to drive it up to temprature,runs like champ! Happy hollidays Christian
  11. As new /christian BTW.what bike to the right,suzuki something.....
  12. When does the fan start? I tried to run the fan via software,didnt work either. At 122c mine did a "burp" with coolant,could be an over fill maybe..... I didn't have clothes to drive it so just reving it standing still. /Christian
  13. Use it. Enjoy it(as long as it works)
  14. Made your own Cable:)?. Schematics please /Christian
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