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  1. Good job tztwofifty. Go and get it dirty!
  2. Hi Syncro16, Last number I had for him 07800778048. Saw him at last Kempton Pk in May,I know he has been really busy with his main job. Never answers phone during day Keep trying he has always been difficult one to get hold of.
  3. Gripper 250...as l got it,. Just fitted new tyres,cleaned carb,changed oils and took it out. Great bike.
  4. harleysyard

    MAR 350 Parts

    Try Steve Sell from Marlimar 07800 788040. Hard to get hold of as he works full time elsewhere but is the best source for Ossa info, new and used parts. Good luck
  5. Yep. Good trial laid on by Paul as always. Great location and challenging sections. Cheers Paul....see you at next one.
  6. Hi Biffco, The email address is the same I have emailed him on in the past with no issues.I do not have his landline number to hand but if you search previous posts on Ossa his number is on a thread somewhere.
  7. Hi All, Just starting a resto' of a 350 Explorer. Mostly complete,engine on the bench,just missing the long travel seat if anyone knows where I can get one? Does anyone know the proper frame colour on these. As you can see from photos it obviously been sprayed in the past but there are 2 colours,black and a dark silver. I have seen them in various shots/brochures with a black frame as well as silver as the MAR. So can anyone help,were they black or silver. Thanks in anticipation for your help and any advice
  8. As always Paul puts on a great trial,can highly recommend Peak Clasic trials to all. Cheers
  9. My Ossa MAR 250. Just finished,bought as project last year. Rear loop had been cut off and shock mount section had been moved forward slightly by previous owner. Engine rebuilt.Just needs rear silencer and new front tyre fitting. Looking forward to getting out on it.
  10. As always great footage...and considering my efforts you were very kind with the footage you posted! Thanks. Hope to see you riding soon.
  11. As always great footage...and considering my efforts you were very kind with the footage you posted! Thanks. Hope to see you riding soon.
  12. Excellent videos,Thanks Shakennstirred....you need to back on that Beamish soon!
  13. Thanks Netley and Lorenzo. Yes the bellmouth intake is top of the list! The unit is all fibreglass can these be used with todays fuel? I actually prefer the factory produced seat/tank unit but as you say after 40 odd years there will always be alterations,does anyone do a reproduction unit?. I have used Inmotion for Ossa bits in the past and are very helpful and know my card details well.! Thanks again. Martin
  14. Hi, Was just looking for a quick bit of advice,bought this Bultaco recently. (Yes it was on ebay)...usual story..yes its's all there mate,good to go etc..anyway few bits missing,wheels out of true but it will tidy up.It all looks reasonable original. The engine and frame no's do not match,which is not an issue to me,however,they are very close,Frame is B 9202317,engine M 9202379. Just curious really,the frame and engine no.s would indicate it is a Sherpa 350 which is what I hoped,but the,graphics on tank/seat unit are different to what I have seen,should it be the silver stripe on the underside of the tank running to the side panels or was this a variation on a particular model/year? Any advice from anyone who knows Bulto's would be much appreciated..(only had Ossa's prior to this and only posted and#39;on show me your twinshocker') Photos attached. Thanks
  15. Thanks. Also have this 247 tucked away for a tidy up over the winter.
  16. Hi, First post on TC,but have been gleaning as much info on the Mar on TC as I can over the last year.Some very helpful information from all those who love Ossa's. Pic is of my Mk2 Ossa. Taken approx 6 months to get to this stage. My first foray back into trials since I was a lad.Now addicted! Cheers for the posts and quick thanks to OTF for advice.
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