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  1. Usually 3 kicks here also, and a bit of throttle to fire.
  2. jaysktms

    Show your Vertigo

    Here is it coming home and ready to ride
  3. jaysktms

    Oil Brand

    I was told by my dealer that 120:1 was the lowest ratio recommended (1oz to 1gal). I am running 150:1 in mine bike.
  4. jaysktms


    Just installed one on mine and found this information from Slavens Racing in the states. Shows how to adjust the fuel. He has a few video's explaining the uses. https://slavensracing.com/how-to-tune-your-get-ecu-equipped-dirt-bike/
  5. jaysktms

    250 or 300

    Here in the States its the 300 only, the 250 are hard to find. This is also my return to trials.
  6. jaysktms


    My 05 does the same thing. I have no pressure on the clutch plates, tried what was said up above. Never looked at the push rod. I placed washer under the clutch springs to place more pressure on the plate. This has the clutch working now.
  7. Thanks, I will give it a look.
  8. Lets start of by saying that this is not my bike, but a friends that he just got used. His fan seems to be running allthe time, the wiring looks the same as my 05. Is this normal for the 06????
  9. When putting risers on the bike make sure your cables are long enough, this has happen to me !!!!
  10. jaysktms

    Spark Plug

    Thanks Big John I will look agian but all I could fine on Ryan Youngs webpage was the gap no plug #.
  11. jaysktms

    Spark Plug

    Well here is what I am looking for, What is the right plug for this bike??? I have gotten diffent answer and no one here seems to know!!!!! Help Please!!!
  12. I will give that a check, as far as the forceful kick goes mine dont seem to like it that way, the jab and she lites right up.
  13. Well out I when today for a ride, cold the bike started up on the third kick, but after riding for a bit I had a very hard time getting the bike to light up, and it look like it must be me. My two friend could get the bike to start in one or two kicks, now I have to get it to start for me like that. Unless I can keep them around all the time, just like the pros. (not)!!!!!
  14. I have to agree the spark is all but not there. I just pickup an 05 and when going through it fround that spark plug cap need the screw on insulator on the plug. The bikes plug did not have it on. So down to get a new plug, it started on the second kick but there is not much ther in the way of a brite spark. Only time will tell if I will need help, but for now it is running great.
  15. Know, Gale and Brian was talking to them at motorama on sunday. Gale and brian are waiting for me to get out with them.
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