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  1. On the 8th June Mansfield Maun Trials hosted their first ACU Training Day of the year. Open to adults and kids the day aims help riders of all abilities, with training provided by some top quality riders from the East Midlands Center. For this event we were lucky enough to be helped by Donna Fox, Jess Bown, Chris Alford and Matt Dixon. A great day was had by all despite the moist conditions!
  2. Take the plunge on a 4RT. It’s all the bike you’ll ever need!
  3. Round 1 was held by Mansfield Maun Trials Club on Saturday 18th May and was outstanding! 35 Riders between 4 and 11 years of age tackled the 4 routes set out in beautiful Derbyshire sunshine. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to round 2 at Stretton.
  4. Round 1 of the Midlands Oset & Minichamps Junior Trials Championships kicks off this coming Saturday 18.5.19 at Carsington Pastures, Derbyshire. We’re looking forward to hosting this great championship at some fantastic venues. We’ve got medals and trophies ready for the best riders on each route. Open to all E to C class riders on electric or petrol machines. volunteer observers welcome.
  5. Hi guys, due to circumstances beyond the clubs control we’ve had to change a couple of venues for the kids championship. Fortunately our first round is now being held just across the road from where we originally planned so the post code remains the same. If anyone is interested in taking part or just helping out please drop me a line. Cheer, BigT MiniChamps Venue Changes.pdf
  6. Thanks Jonny, I’ll take a look when I get the chance.
  7. Afternoon all, Over the weekend I took the plunge and part ex’d my EVO for a barely used 2016 260 4RT in the lovely Repsol colours. Had a great couple of hours on it yesterday and all is well. I did notice however that the chain has very little adjustment left on the snails, I looked at a brand new bike at the shop and also loads of pictures online and they all seem to come with very long chains as new using up half or more of the snail cam. Has anyone else picked up on this or is it me?
  8. She’s back up and running! New piston, rings, small end, reeds while I was in there, throttle cable after your advice on here and of course a woodruff key. Started second kick and ticked over nicely until my wife charged in and told me it was too late for that nonsense. ? Hopefully she’ll be right for a bit now. Thsnks everyone!
  9. The puller arrived, found this lil blighter!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I spent a couple of hours in the garage yesterday and so far I’ve not found the root cause. After the incident it felt like the kickstart was no longer connected to the crank so I was very concerned about severe engine damage, after removing the clutch covers I found the primary gear bolt was loose meaning the gear could spin freely on its taper (there’s no key). I don’t know if this was a result of the high revs or part of the cause (?) but I’ve torqued it back up and the kickstart now turns the engine over properly. I pulled the exhaust off and there is light scoring on the piston which I’ll investigate further when I pull the head and barrel off later this week. The carb seems to open and close fine - possibly a little slow but it was pulled out to one side. It’s nice and clean and doesn’t look to have been the cause. The reeds look fine, clean and crisp in closing so they don’t look to have caused it. Ive ordered a flywheel puller to see if it’s an ignition fault but that won’t arrive until mid week. Starting to run out of ideas for other candidates but I’m reluctant to buy a new piston (hopefully not a cylinder) only to restart it and it happen again. Might as well fit a new throttle cable while it’s in bits incase the old one is fraying internally. Surely this is an excuse to buy a newer bike?
  11. Evening all, I’ve somehow killed my Evo and its a bit of an odd one. Riding across a field with my boy when we stopped to open a gate. I stopped my engine with the lanyard, lent the bike against the wall, opened the gate and pushed my bike through before shutting the gate again. I kicked her over, the engine fired up then revved it’s t*ts off. I pulled the lanyard, then the plug lead, then turned the fuel off and it stopped. Leaving me little shaken and with a long uphill push home. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Evening all, To compliment their Oset and Minichamps Junior Trials Championships, Mansfield Maun are holding a junior practice day on the 24th Feb. All juniors are welcome whether riding electric or petrol bikes.
  13. Evening all, Mansfield Maun Motorcycle Club are launching their Midlands Minichamps Junior Trials Championship this year if anybody is interested. Building on the back of the successful Oset trials in 2018 they have decided to run a petrol powered championship in 2019 for riders making the transition to combustion engine machines. All six rounds are situated in Derbyshire and are in close proximity to the M1 corridor with 4 Routes being set out covering all abilities from beginners to advanced. They are also holding a juniors only practice day this weekend at Clipstone for all junior classes of electric and petrols. Thanks.
  14. Evening all, does anybody have a clothing size guide for Beta’s range of paddock clothing? Ive spoken to Beta UK who couldn’t help and I haven’t managed to find anything online. I’d like to buy my lad a soft shell jacket but don’t want to guess the size as he’s only 10. If anybody has a size small or medium could you tell me the measurements? Thanks!
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