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  1. 10/42 has been lowered. Standard is 11/42. I have ran 10/42 all year and had no problems. When the fuel tap is pointing down. The will only go into the carb when the engine is running. When it is pointing up fuel continously flows. So always leave it pointing down unless you have emptied the carb, by draining it or tipping the bike upside down. I hope this helps.
  2. I did mine last night on a rev 4 08 but i don't thick the amounts have changed. 5 weight and 370ml.
  3. That is very true. Earl Shilton also allow you to practise when you look once your a member. We do training on basically the second saturday of the month for beginners by more experienced club members. But if you do want some one 2 one training i can help you out. The actual website is WWW.estc.co.uk I hope this is of help. Beta Jones
  4. betajones

    08 Beta 4t Gearing

    Yes i have gear it down by putting a 10 tooth on the front instead of the 11. It makes it loads better.
  5. I practise at Earl Shilton. Only about 35 minutes from birmingham (depending on the part), near Hinckley. Just pay a years practise memebership (
  6. Or do you mean new ttt clothing by xcting. If anyone knows where you can get that? Cos i am looking for christmas as well.
  7. The big wait is over then!!!!! 2 or 3 weeks for mine can't wait!!!
  8. It al depends on how easy you want it to be to load. I have had a VW transporter r reg short wheel base 5 people 3 bike all seperate. V reg merc vito same again. If you have a Long wheel base VW it makes it allot easier. Any more question don't hesitate to come back. I have pictures of the merc that i have just sold, which was spot on for trials.
  9. I have one of the old shape ones and i can easily get 2 bikes in!! Just compress the forks on the first one about a inch that goes in forwards so you don't rip your grips on the roof. Not sure about the new ones thou?
  10. Normally the pictures and specs are released after there month off in august. Hopefully the next week or so?
  11. how come he has not been riding the trials recently?
  12. well the one a couple of weeks ago in guaemela.
  13. I was watching the trial on eurosport earlier on in the week. How come the repsol factory team are still on 06 colours? Micheal Browns team mate Daniele Maurino was riding on a 03 Beta not 07? Any ideals?
  14. I have got one of the old shape 110 cdi vitos. Quick, 33 to the gallon i can get 3 bikes and 5 people cleanly in. But i recommend somthing like a Vauxhall Combo of Transit Connect. You don't need anything bigger as long as you only have 2 passengers.
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