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  1. proc

    Second hand 80's

    I'd seen that but ended before I got a reply, found a nice little beta close to home, hopefully it's as good as it looks tomorrow night
  2. proc

    Second hand 80's

    I remember the clipic being sold as a cheap alternative to the beta/gasgas, I will find one eventually by which point he'll of changed his mind again 🤔😁
  3. proc

    Second hand 80's

    He's only small, ideally full size wheels but saying that the medium wheel bikes would be fine too
  4. proc

    Second hand 80's

    Can't see that happening, these snowflakes would want to hug it out or give each other medals for "trying" 🙄🙄
  5. proc

    Hired a van

    We're just in the process of getting the "new" berlingo at work, it's the bog standard version but still has just as good a spec, if not better than the wifes Chelsea tractor for less than half the cost, plus it does 65mpg on average. I'd be tempted to get the car version if I didn't get the use of works for less than the weekly Asda shop per month
  6. proc

    Second hand 80's

    😂😂 if only..... I forgot to add in the many many many hours spent on the xbox playing fortnite. Modern kids are a real pain in the a***, what happened to spending all the time you could out with mates on your bikes, not shouting into headsets while cartoon like characters shoot each other 😡😡😡😡😡
  7. 25 years at number 1 with a fleeting visit at number 4 for around 6 months in my late teens before finding women and booze 🍻
  8. proc

    Second hand 80's

    Is it me or has everyone who bought a 50/80 from 2000 on kept them at the back of the garage once little Johnny has out grown them, or am I looking in the wrong places? I'd happily buy a newish one that there are plenty of kicking about, but can't justify spending 2k plus for it to be used once and him decide he'd rather throw himself round like a ballet dancer playing football, despite his constant nagging for the last month+ to get him one
  9. proc

    Oset 16 ID ?

    These are the ones we had you can adjust the lever all the way in so it touches the bar meaning even the smallest hands can use them
  10. proc

    Oset 16 ID ?

    Yeah, I'm fairly sure yours is a 2010 that's only year they did a red frame in that style all the rest are either all black or black frames with a silver swing arm except the really early ones that were all silver. If you plan on keeping it I'd get some Clarke hydraulic brakes from chain reaction cycles, for what they cost they're awesome
  11. proc

    Oset 16 ID ?

    Yeah it just depends what year they were made but the racing didn't come out till the new shape came along this is my lads old one
  12. proc

    Oset 16 ID ?

    Could be totally wrong but don't think they did a racing version until 2014/15 on the newer style oset. If memory serves me correct the 2010 bikes had red frames
  13. proc

    Bike options for kids!

    I got a set of lucas ones £50 get the same run time out of both sets as out of the Lipo, yeah it's a bit of a faf having to change them but I can put up with that for a £400 saving
  14. proc

    How old are we ?

    I'd add 1 to the under 20's for my lad. Speaking from personal experience he's hardly rode this year as his sister's aren't that interested and her who must be obayed was getting hacked off with us disappearing every weekend and spending no time together, to keep the peace he's taken to rugby where it's a lot more family friendly for us having 2 under 5
  15. proc

    Bike options for kids!

    I looked into it for our lads came in at £450 I couldn't justify it for a set of batteries