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  1. The idea is you get to know who we are and we find out who you are, and so you know the rules for riding up there. And it is not like the slaughtered lamb its all very laid back. Dvae
  2. You have to go before the committee at the meeting we have on the first Wednesday of each month held at the Scarborough Rugby club. Contact details are all on the website. dave
  3. There is a field round the back of one of the estates in Scarborough, you often see bikes getting ridden round on it, but i think it has to be a stolen bike with the plod in hot pursuit. Dave
  4. There are now loads more photos in the gallery at www.scarboroughdmc.co.uk from the British Championship dave
  5. There are a few photos and video on Scarborough website, lots more going on very soon, 200 ish with video as well. http://www.scarboroughdmc.co.uk Dave
  6. Tomsdad is right all classes both days got mixed up with the national, in September. so many trials so little brain cells left. Dave
  7. Scarborough 2 day is a great event, there are some hard sections but most are really good for all riders, there are the C and D class on the Saturday and A and B on the Sunday. There is camping over night with a band on and a bar, last year we had a monty trial for the kids on the evening, and a bouncy castle type thing. and there was a training day on the monday. The best thing to do is come along and see for yourself,you will have a great time and its a great experience. We have a dvd of the event if you send me a message with your address i will send you a copy to have a look at. Wont be untill after the weekend bit busy with the British solo championship that we are running this weekend. Dave C
  8. Would just like to say a big thank you to every one who helped put this event on it was top notch, Pat Galway managed yet again to lay out a route that would test all riders. I managed to watch Pune, Dibs and Jack on most of the sections and there was nothing really to seperate them, Nice to see the top lads riding round together and having a laugh with each other. And as Shirty says on his page a lot of work has started at the camp still a lot more to do for the British Championship round, so get in your car and come and watch the best riders battle it out. Dave
  9. There will be a brand new canteen coming to the camp very soon , seating area inside and there will be proper burgers, Steve Brown is putting weight on just thinking about them. Dave
  10. You could try joining Scarborough & District Motor club they have a website with all the details, practice there 7 days a week as long as there is not an event on. You might even get to see Michael Brown practicing up there it is his local club. Dave C
  11. This topic has been running on our club website at Scarborough, and we have been told by a man that is in the know that the picture is NOT the new Beta, but is infact a Beta 80 frame with 4 stroke engine in it. So i guess we will have to wait until the weekend to see the real new Beta . Dave C
  12. Great weekend, trial on both days spot on, entertainment best yet. great prizes for the kids, what more could you want. well maybe Mark Taylor doing his Ninja roll and the weekend would have been perfect. Ps. Wilko loose the hat mate. Dave C
  13. Myself and some lads from Scarborough have just got back from a long weekend in the Czech Republic watching the world round, the event was brilliant great sections and you could get real close to the action and not loads of hills like at Hawkstone, which was good for us because we had a fair bit of beer the night before so flat ground with the hang over was good. We were there to cheer on Michael Brown and Shaughan and he did not dissapoint, finished in his best position in the championship SO FAR. we might have to start going to every world round to lend our support. IF there is a world round there next year get yourselfs there its well worth it, great venue and beer is dead cheap. If any one else went did you notice how many very pretty young ladies were observing, must be a website in czech. pretty observers .com Nice to see Andy and Jake out and about having a few drinks. Dave
  14. Hello does anyone know what the difference is between an IRC TR011 T/T rear tyre and an IRC TR011 T/L rear tyre. Thanks in advance Dave
  15. Great weekend of trials, the C & D riders put on a great show on the Saturday in difficult weather conditions, fantastic effort by all the people who managed to get the event to run. It was looking a bit dodgy on the Friday. Sunday saw better weather fine all day and the snow had cleared away with the bit of rain over night, some tough sections laid out over the entire length of low north camp to give the riders a good ride round, and a good run round for the minders and mums and dads, bet they ache this morning. Michael Brown helping out observing with his minder Shaughan, Graham Jarvis doing a spot of minding. and Shaughan even managed to win a Euro of Michael. Well done to all concerned Dave Also nice bacon sandwiches from the ladies in the tea hut, heater on its way.
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