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  1. It's so much better to watch no stop as the ridiculous stopping and hopping that we had previously , think I might go to Penrith this year :-)
  2. Still the best 80cc trials bike by a mile
  3. Are the main bearings perfectly seated ?
  4. Videos from the Pollock trial held at Kinlochleven http://www.youtube.com/user/NorthEastTrials/feed
  5. Make sure you gently nip the clip part of the fixing ,that will ensure it stays nicely tight to the frame and wont fall off , gently with a pair of pliers usually does the trick
  6. Try gripping the head with small stilsons or other pipe gripping tool , or you could use Stud extractors
  7. Have a look in the calender , for upcomng trials . You will find the details there . next Consett trial is next sunday
  8. try looking at thi thread and pay particular attention to the bits by member GII hope this helps http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/9436-4rt-restrictors/page__p__85887__hl__4rt+restriction__fromsearch__1#entry85887
  9. A lot of clubs do a bit of practice for their members , unfortunately I dont think Seaton Delaval are one of them . Try Karting Noerth East at Warden Law near Sunderland
  10. Great stuff , hope you have a great time. I live just up the road from you so if there is anything you need just give me a shout . Which club did u join ?
  11. The minitrial is a super little bike , ideal for a 7 year old . try this on ebay. Item number: 220913445375
  12. Yes we had the same trouble , new Michy solved the problem , this is one item that you cannot cut corners on . Michelin every time .
  13. Be really carefull with 125 Sherco's they are notorious for the piston breaking up and destroying the barrel . It happened to me
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