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  1. Your very helpful and understanding. You gave me the advice I was looking for to help my daughter from a ladies point of view thank you.

  2. Yes getting some lessons is a very good idea. They should be equipped for dealing with learners and may have things like restrictors in the bike which can help. Girls confidence can be fragile so a scare early doors can really put them off. I don’t think you can simply swap the wheels from a jnr to a Snr would work as forks and swing arms are different. Just searched eBay for beta 80 and 2 come up. One recent and one older.
  3. Beta 80 jnr is medium wheel (19 front 16 rear) 80 Snr is big wheel (21 front 18 rear). Perfect for the “never ridden before” and doesn’t want “terrifying” category. Has a clutch and gears. Once she is confident on that then progress to a 125 which can, in the wrong hands, terrify a complete beginner.
  4. 100% she wants a Beta 80 senior. Fantastic bike to learn on. She will only notice the lack of power once she starts going up big steps and hill climbs which will be a few years from now. Also hold their money well.
  5. Has anyone seen an entry list for this weekend, if so can you let me know what time I start please?!
  6. Pete Scorpa3, have you received our entries yet? names not on list and I posted them last Monday
  7. haha if that's all we're good for....I wont share my lines with you on sections anymore!
  8. The Hillsborough Christmas Yorkshire Centre Championship Trial is still on tomorrow. We have been up and marked out today, there is a bit of snow on the ground and it is quite icy but we have altered sections and hope to have a good trial. Start is Double D Gates near Ughill 10:30am. See you there! p.s. will update on here if there are any changes to plans
  9. You only need to look at scores from no-stop events to see that it is the way forward to get more people involved in trials. If the rules are no-stop, the severity of the sections can be eased, thus leading to more happy riders. Take Monday's scores from this years ssdt for example: 1. Browny 3 2.Cabestany 3 3.Austermuhle 5 10. Dibs 8 65.Doug 11 + 27 time penalties 135. Me 65 Last Place rider 127 + 173 time penalties At which other trial in the world can average joe ride against the top riders in the world and have a respectable score like this? With straight forward no-stop sections, even the guy in last place had 2 cleans and I bet he had a great day out! Newcomers to the sport can watch straight forward no-stop sections and find them achievable, and think 'I could have a go at that!' Lets now look at results from a British Championship under stop allowed rules. 8 riders on championship route Winner drops 44 Last place 154 (he gets through 9 sections for less than a 5 all day) Spectators at the event see the top guys struggling and think to themselves, this is completely unachievable, if these guys cant do it, then how can i? I know that we need to have continuity with the FIM rules but where is the British Championship and WTC going next with stop allowed rules? The sections are getting more and more dangerous and riders and bikes are progressing rapidly. Simple, change the rules back to no-stop, have some straight forward slippery streams, muddy cambers and hillclimbs, believe me they will still loose marks, as we saw in WTC at Fort Willaim. This way the machines and riders are tested to the max but the sport is more accessible to all and joe public can see themselves competing against the top boy/girls. With the current TSR22a rules, our sport is becoming too elitist, we can see this by the number of good centre experts and intermediates riding the clubman route in our nationals, they feel like the hard route has evolved into a different sport and the gap is becoming too large to bridge for a lot of riders. Take myself for example, this year I have ridden the Novogar Championship and in the majority of them I have ridden the championship route, however in a few selected rounds I rode the clubman route because I knew that the sections would be too tight for me to have a fearless go at the steps etc. There are many National events in the calendar that I know I will never progress to the hard route in, simply because they are run under TSR22a and I don't have the bottle to drop the clutch underneath a six foot step, especially after I have had to hop skip and bounce may way to get to the step. This is not how it should be, at the point where you start finishing in the top few at clubman events, it would be expected you should be progressing to the next level, however that next level is going further and further out of reach with the development of modern trials. We need to go back to basics.
  10. wow great coverage of the Mid Wales Novogar from S4C. I couldnt watch it last night on TV so watched it back on their website but I dont speak welsh so dont know what they are talking about...is anyone clever enough to add subtitles to it for me?
  11. Is it going to be run as no stop (tsr22b) rules like all the other novogars? The regs say tsr22a which is stop allowed? Also is it early entry late number or vice versa?
  12. Hi, If there is anyone who has entered for Scarborough BTC this weekend and is not going to, or is unable to ride please let the club know asap as I know of a few riders from Richmond Club who are desperate to ride and are on the waiting list. Thanks!
  13. Leigh was 32. It is such a sad and tragic loss.
  14. Yesterday, whist out running with his wife, Leigh Jepson collapsed and tragically died of a massive heart attack. He will be sadly missed by all that knew him. I had the pleasure of knowing Leigh through trials in which he completed through the schoolboy ranks, and only putting it on hold until he qualified as a Doctor. When qualified he then competed in many big trials including the SSDT, Manx 2 Day, Lakes 2 Day, Reeth 3 Day and the Scott trial. He is the only rider I know that can manage to finish the Scott within the time limit despite stopping and treating an injured rider in the process. He was a true gentleman, a wonderful person and an excellent Doctor. I am absolutely devastated to lose a good friend and a truly wonderful and selfless individual. My heart goes out to his loving wife Alison, brother Paul and his parents Andy and Carol. RIP mate Dan Thorpe
  15. oooh this is such a tough one! I can't really make my mind up but here are a few of my feelings having ridden the SSDT 6 times and spectated a couple. West End Parc Ferme Pros: -That electric feeling you get when you drive into Fort William and see the West End. -Walking down Fort Willaim highstreet and noticing that nearly everyone is from the world of trials. -From Mairi's point of view - the results HQ is away from the hustle and bustle, therefore riders have to decide if their quibble about the odd mark or two is realy worth the drive. If the whole event including HQ was moved to cattle market then I think that the results team would find themselves being interupted and hassled a lot more! -On my late day, I have time to do a spot of shopping in the high street. Also it is incredibly handy if you need a new waterproof jacket or trousers during the week. -Easily accessible for local people and generates interest in the sport for other tourists to the area. West End Cons -Too busy and not enough space - I have watched many a time a rider come flying into their team area and nearly running into some unaware spectators or into the side of a van. -Support vans can not get in or out safely or easily - it's quite difficult carrying a spare wheel, a stand and box of tools across town when you're aching and tired from the rpevious hard day on the moors! It would be nice to be able to park safely and easily without worrying that you may be blocking someone else in. -Toilets - most riders probably dont mind, but being a lady....porta loos are awful things! Proper toilets would be much appreciated. -From my Grandparents point of view - it is too far for them to walk from any other car park in town to parc ferme and as a result of the west end being to crowded they have recently over the last few years missed out on a lot of the weigh in day action. This is a shame as they have supported the event for over 40 years and would love to still be able to share the magic with everyone else. Rural Complex Pros -More space for parking and support crews. -Potential area for campers / motorhomes, this will make the SSDT more affordable for some people -Toilet facilities will be better for both spectators and riders. -Indoor area for trade stands would make it more desireable for traders to set up a stall and also easier to negotiate as a spectator -There could be communal areas to sit and relax with a coffee or hot chocolate Rural complex cons -Indoor bike parking may take the edge of the SSDT being the ultimate test of man and machine, after all it was a great test of mental strength to stand out and drain the water from your bike in this years horrendous downpours. -Taking the magic out of fort william, i have visited the Fort at other times of the year and it is eerily quiet with no SSDT fans there. -Transport for those who normally walk to west end would be an issue, and also many riders like to roll off their bikes and into the pub! -Too close to potential sections, I think too many riders would be tempted to ride up to leannachen on saturday morning for a practice. Ok i'm tired of writing now, but as you can see from my thoughts above they are mainly associated with a spectators point of view and how the SSDT could be made better. Persoanally I dont think I am that bothered where the event starts. As long as the format of the event is still the same ie. good old traditional sections, no stop rules and we all have a good enjoyable six days of sport. We will never know if the rural complex start would work unless it is tried and tested, so thats why it is difficult to make a decision. Stick with the well known tried and tested version or stick your neck on the line and try something new? who knows?!
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