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  1. cmt320

    on the road

    Nice one frexter ... I'm planning the same shortly ... What are the requirements for a horn? Cheers
  2. Hi Rick ... Apr...illia used the Hiro engines in their early twinshock bikes then went on to Rotax ... What bits are you after Iain
  3. Hi Ross ... he said they lost the job card .. but still took time in refunding the cash ... Won't be going back again...iain
  4. Don't know how they both compare but I ordered Falcons early May .... never got them yet ... but finally got a return cheque this week .... Maybe I'll try Rockshocks next.
  5. cmt320

    Falcon Shocks

    Nearly 2 months down the line ... never got the shocks ... phoned twice and I'm still waiting for a refund .... Am I the only one to have probs with Falcon with Falcon ???
  6. cmt320

    Falcon Shocks

    Hi ... any of you guys having trouble getting Falcon Shocks? I ordered and paid for a set from Falcon early May. After a good wait I phoned them the week before last and was told they would be built and painted at the start of last week .... then sent out mid week ... that's still last week ... I phoned them today ... Monday and they're shut down for a weeks break.... My bonnie Armstrong is sitting here ready for the Highland 2 Day Classic and no shocks... Maybe they're in the post ... I dont know ...I've just phoned Sammy Millers and they're sending out a set of Betors today so I should be able to ride ... Anyone else having problems with Falcon ???? I C
  7. The plot thickens Bostit ... I'm on a 27mm Amal and can get a new Amal for
  8. Well Jaan... I thought I knew what I was doing till I went through the web sites you suggested.... mmmmmmmm ... Maybe I'll just buy a new Amal ... I've just rebuilt the engine and tonight I had it running pretty good ... but at the back of my mind I'll always be thinking ... can I get it better ... in your opinion is there anything wrong with the Amal in general? Let me know how you get on ... I don't know what way to go yet .... Cheers Iain
  9. Spoke to him on the phone but ... as he hadn't done an Armstrong he couldn't help. He suggested I buy one off e bay and set it up myself ... Can't get to see him as I'm in the Far north of Bonnie Scotland. The carbs and the main and pilot jets are available on e bay but do the slides, needles etc need changing as well? I may give it a go as I feel I can set up a carb as long as I have a base to start with
  10. Hi guys ... has anyone tried changing from an Amal ... or similar carb ... to the OKO ? I'm running a 24 year old Amal carb on my Armstrong and can't get the carb. just right ... old age probably ... the carb ... not me...! I'm led to believe some of the better twinshock riders are using OKO on Honda and Fantic. Any info. would be gratefull.
  11. Good photos ... nice to see yourself after 26 years ... riding feet up ... aaaahn them were the the days.
  12. Hi ... I can give you a copy of one ... e mail me on iainzxr@yahoo.co.uk and I'll get your address ... cheers IC
  13. Hi Lee ... Your engine in that one is an Italian Hiro and I should have the parts you need ... kickstart shaft with gear or whatever ... I'm making space in the garage and selling of Armstrong parts ...they also uses the Hiro engine ... Hope this helps ... Cheers Iain
  14. Hi Big John ... was there someone on here looking for Armstrong engine bits ...? Iain Brora
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