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  1. I had a CCM604 (Rotax engine) for a couple of years. I used it predominately for supermoto but rode the odd green lane on it too. In my opinion - far to big, far too heavy. I moved on to a WR450 which was much better. Better as a supermoto, crosser and laner. However, I'd buy a WR250 or similar if I were buying another laner now. The leccy start is a must and the lighter weight and the more friendly power delivery would suit green lanes perfectly I reckon. Add a tooth or two to the rear sprocket if you want to blip over logs and stuff. Prepare yourself for a gentle plod home on the road though... A friend of mine who only rode lanes upgraded to one from a CRM250 and he said it was a revelation. I've done some easy open lanes on my Montesa 315r, up in the French Alps. It was a treat, but exhausting for me over the course of a day. The long ride kit is the daddy by the looks of it. I've seen a few out there.
  2. I agree with everything that's been said so far. I would add two things as you come from a road background; 1. Be sure you don't overfill your gearbox when you do the oil change. If in doubt, you can reduce the quantity by 25ml without harm. Too much oil will create drag. I use Dextron III bought by the gallon from my local motor factor and I change it very frequently (every couple of rides). 2. In addition to the other maintenance tips mentioned, keep an eye on your cooling system - it's tiny. The fan should cut in and out on a fairly regular basis, this is completely normal. 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water to keep everything in order.
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    It would appear there are differences - different part numbers. How significant, I don't know... Check this out; http://www.apexmotosports.com/montesa%20parts%20book/f-17.htm
  4. 661 stuff is pretty good. A lot of my BMX buddies use 661 pads.
  5. I believe people have modified CRF50 seats (or other pitbike seats) in one way or another to good effect. Also, is there not a small seat available that velcros on or summat? Might be called Buttrest or something similar.
  6. Most trials riders opt for a non O ring chain. It's the O rings that allegedly cause extra drag. I have the Renthal R1 - it's a treat.
  7. That's a cracking idea with the placcy bag.
  8. Well, to be honest everyone seems to have their own schedules for oil changes and stuff. I bought my bike quite tatty and the previous owner appeared to follow a "never in my lifetime" service schedule. Everything was rotten filthy dirty and horrible. It was terrifying to see what came out the my gearbox the first time I changed the oil, so I changed it every ride until it started to come out clean with little or no metal particles in it. After that I dropped back to every other ride and it's remained all good. Dextron III is so cheap by the gallon (my bike holds 520ml) it seems daft not to do it regularly.
  9. Yeah, don't leave it in too long. I change mine every other ride.
  10. What I can tell you is that a good number of riders (including me) use ATF in their gearboxes. Now that you do have gallons of lying around....
  11. I'm a mechanic too and I can say air filter oil is special stuff, not like anything else in our trade. A bottle of it will last you for ages too, so expense-wise it won't be high up your list. I use the aerosol stylee myself; clean & dry your filter, a light spraying with yer posh air filter oil, massage in and leave overnight to dry. I have a couple of filters on rotation to take the hassle out of it. Robert's your mothers brother. I did try the non aerosol style but found I kept over oiling the filters, never could get it quite right. I have heard of people simply washing their filters in premix and leaving them overnight then banging them straight back in the bike. Not sure I fancy that myself, but each to his own.
  12. I've just fitted a complete clutch from offroadmotouk on Ebay. It was a generic unbranded thing, I had a punt simply because it was cheap. I can tell you that after fitting it I can now push the bike around in gear, something I absolutely could not do before. Haven't ridden it yet though, so we'll see. I'll keep you posted. Regarding gearbox oil, I use ATF myself, dextron III. I buy it by the gallon from a motor factor (cheap) and I change it every other ride. Never hear owt bad about the Putolene light though.
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