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  1. kt250guy

    Fraser History

    Hello. I have recently acquired a TL250 in a Fraser frame. All of the Fraser's Iv seen or read about up till now have had nickle plated frames however mine is just painted black and there doesn't appear to be any plating under the paint. I am pretty sure that a previous owner bought only the frame then built it out of a stock TL. Was the nickle plating an "extra" when purchasing a frame or was it simply stripped off and repainted? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hello Im trying to find a set of black goneli fenders. I have seen them available in Europe but i cant seem to find them in the united states, does anybody know where i can find them in the U.S.? Thank You.
  3. Keep me updated on your progress. this sounds like an awesome bike so far.
  4. You might want to consider larger radio controlled plane motors, particularly the ones used in the aerobatic types, they are really powerful and light.
  5. I am also working on an electric bike however I'm still in the conceptual stage due to lack of funds. As far as a motor goes you may want to try an ETek from briggs and straton, that is what im planning to use. p.s. thinks for watching my video
  6. I cant tell you much as far as price goes but i can tell you the seat is a trail add on you could buy when they were new depending on the condition of the whole bike i would say about $1000 give or take. i would love to buy it but im a wee bit short on funds
  7. True, but if you get some taller bars and roll them forward they turn quick enough. As for the rear engine mount there must be a reason why gollner used the same style mount as the stock frame. Im just stating my opinion, the stock bike works well for me so i don't intend to step on anybody elses toes by saying that my way is the right way.
  8. I have to ask, why does everybody complain about and alter the forks on the KT? the forks are the bread and butter of the bike, allow me to elaborate the forks are what makes the KT turn so tight because if you slightly tap the front brake the nose slowly lowers which changes the perceived rake which makes it turn tighter and when you apply power and return to the regular riding position the rake returns to normal this also works on really steep hills because if the front end is lower it wont loop out, so you see it is like a variable geometry frame. I personally think the KT frame is nearly optimal the way it is iv put 1/2 inch longer shocks on mine. although my most important word of advise is if the frame remains rigid as it was stock when you are done with it use IRC tyres, they have really soft side walls, they are so soft that they only work well on bikes with stiff frames, dunlops work well too but IRC's are the best on my bike. these ideas work for me on my clubs expert line and may not for you so dont hold me accountable if they don't work for you, good luck.
  9. I can top that im 16 and im working on a Velocette to ride in the pre 65 class.
  10. I,m afraid i cannot recall the exact angle of the head stem but it is very close to the angle of a stock TY175. I modified the frame by running a long piece of steel bar-stock through the stem i then used a come-along attached to the down tube and the bar stock i heated the frame and slowly bent it till it was close to the TY. the hub is off a TL but the brake assembly is XL as i recall it required some slight modification th make them compatible. As for the weight, just trimming every single ounce of metal even cutting the back of the rear frame loop off, it has plastic fenders and tank as well as every possible non-structural piece being drilled or replaced with aluminum. I must warn you if you do go thrugh with the front end modifacation, if not properly set up steep down hill turns will be a problem because the bars will snap all the way over and if you have ground the steering stops down such as i did it will throw you over the bars. I will not put any promise on your results if you do any of these because it took a lot of time to get mine dialed in but I am extremely happy with how it turned out. il try to post some photo,s later but right now my digital camera is acting up.
  11. Even better: get someone to pay to have somebody else do it
  12. I have just purchased a 2003 monty 219 off ebay. I would like to thank everybody who gave me advise.
  13. Do you know where deer island is? it's just outside St. Helens.
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