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  1. Soinds like a great event! See everyone on sunday DeBolt#325
  2. well my best time in this game so far is 7 minutes 2 seconds
  3. as far out as it takes to flood his bike! lol!(just kidding biff) what are the sections like? what side of the road are we on?
  4. Well i guess not only the older guys liked it but the younger guys did too! My grandpa is in there his name is Dick DeBolt he placed 20th he beat trials greats Jerry Young, and Wiltz Wagner i mean what more can you ask for?
  5. thank you very much. my uncle told me about ronnie commo wearing them, my uncle is a beta dealer, so he talks to commo senior regularly. He will be talking to him tommorow to order my new boots! Thanks alot!
  6. i know where to get them i want to know fit, break in, wear, water proof, anything like that would be great!
  7. Im looking for new boots and i am kind of leaning towards the Diadoras. I have wore and know people who wear the Alpinestars and Gaernae's and i dont really want them. So if i could get some info on the Diadoras because it looks like a great boot that would be awesome
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