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    150 kit

    Hi I have been given a 150 kit for my wee 125 four stroke. Are there any instructions or videos to show how it's done. The kit comprises off barrel and piston, new Cam and all gaskets ans seals and new jets for the carb. My bike is a 2015. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Definetly not home made, they were for sale at the ssdt. Just cant remember who was selling them as was back in 2008 i last bought one.
  3. No that type only bolt onto the sump. The one im on about bolts on using the two bolts that hold on the sump gaurd .
  4. Ive been looking for the waterpump gaurd that bolts on for the 4rt. Its the one that uses the two front sump gaurd bolts it goes right across and bends around and covers the waterpump, it also bends on other side of bike to part cover the crankcase. If i remember right it had wee rubber inserts at side. These were well made. Does anyone who made them/sold them are they still available ??
  5. rodmac

    4Rt Wont Start !

    My thinking was that if it was electrical there wouldnt be a spark, but took the plug out and it was a good spark and plug was wet so again my thinking was fuel was getting through. So leads me to think that timing is the issue ......... It has to be said though i am a disaster with spanners and definetly not gifted with mechanical expertise
  6. rodmac

    4Rt Wont Start !

    Yep tried resetting throttle, but no joy, fresh petrol was used aswell, the throttle sounded like it was returning fully but never looked to see if cable was pulled at all
  7. rodmac

    4Rt Wont Start !

    2007 4rt has beeb sitting since september, i went to view to buy and it wouldnt start, was started by the owner the night before by bump starting it. It will not start off the kickstart. Took plug out and it is sparking with good spark, and the plug was wet. The bike has not been started since is was parked up in september and was working as it should when parked up............any ideas what could be wrong or what to try . Cheers
  8. rodmac

    Beta Rev 50

    I am looking for a new bike for my wee fella ,he's nearly 9 and is 4'6" . I have just sold the Gas Gas boy we had and was going to buy a rev80 medium wheel but after some looking i dont think my budget of £1000 is enough . There is however a few rev 50's about , my question is are they any good as ive heard they are a bit flat on power, not that i think he needs lots as he's just getting started riding d class sections ,he's not competitive at all and just likes scooting about the place , but the bike would need to do him a while so will a rev 50 do the job ?? Any opinions welcome . Cheers
  9. rodmac

    Raga Gold Paint

    Does any one know the colour code of the gold paint on the 09 ragas , or know of a certain make/code . Thanks
  10. rodmac

    280 Pro Insurance

    i am having problems finding third party fire and theft insurance for a 2010 280, was with bennets but their underwriters will only insure third party only . Any info ?? Cheers
  11. Have just bought a 2008 sy250 scorpa and was wondering what insurance company most are with .Any help a bonus . CHEERS !
  12. rodmac

    engine casings

    Have just bought an 04 sy125 which has been sitting in a barn the last 6years and the engine casings and cooling fins have marks on them ,the only way i can describe them is like a tarnish in places ,has anyone else had this problem and if so how to cure or do i just paint it ???? CHEERS
  13. i am looking into the cost of getting a bike from Northampton to Fortwilliam , has anyone got any ideas of any good companies/couriers that would get my bike up the road for me ......and yes i know i'm a week late but the bike has only just come up !!!!! CHEERS
  14. who will insure a 2010 300 gasser on a frame number so i can get bike road reg ????? CHEERS
  15. rodmac

    gasgas boy

    i've got a 2002 txt50 boy and its started cutting out after about an hour or so ,have cleaned and blown out carb and its still doing it, runs fine up till that point then its not keen on starting,leave it a while and it starts but will only run for a couple of minutes then cuts out ....any ideas ????? cheers
  16. rodmac

    300 gasgas

    Nice one cheers , i'll be there as taking the boys down
  17. rodmac

    300 gasgas

    Just wondering on the 2010 models is the 300 smooth with the short front pipe ? Is the 300 a smoother bike to ride than the 250 ? Both questions are with the flywheel weight on . Am coming from an 09 evo 250 and am pretty sure its the 300 i want as had a shot and liked it from the off , but having a wee shot is different from riding one all the time. CHEERS
  18. rodmac

    gasgas 125

    I was wondering how many adults are riding 125 ...how do they fare with pulling 12stone odd about the hillside and sections
  19. I am thinking about going for a gasser and at the moment have an 09 evo and not looking to spend much if anything, so am looking at getting a 250 09 gasser.....what things are there to look out for, was there problems with the early models ???? any info would be good thanks.
  20. any info on camping sites near to Broughton in Furness that have been used in the past that are nice, clean and van friendly would be magic thanks
  21. thats the second post of recent times where the dealer is "fobbing off" punters.......its time to name and shame these dealers as they are quick enough to take our money for over-priced trade-ins!!!!! There are plenty off good guys out there willing to give a that little bit more such as FEET-UP TRIALSPORT for one who helped me big time We are paying more now for bikes than a lot of people will spend on a car
  22. hi, check the inline fuse or even replace even if it not blown. we had problems with ours cutting out all the time and it was the fuseholder heating up and some-how not making a conection, so i changed the fuse and bingo it went with no problems after that. Why it does this i dont know maybe cheap fuses at the factory ....when you look at the fuse its fine but doesnt work when its heating up i know of two osets that have dun this even a newer smaller fuse works a treat
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