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  1. Hi Andy, Yes I know it does for the Cota but I'm fitting to a Beta Rev 3. So I need to make my own wiring harness to fit. Paul.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for the Electrical wiring diagram for a Cota 4RT 2008. This may be in the user manual? Can any body help me? a) A link to download one or. Could someone email me one over? The wiring diagram is so I can work out the wiring for the (on the on the road kit). This is Headlight and indicators + a Digital readout unit mounted on the yoke. My email is pdjohnson@freeuk.com. Thanks in-advance for any help. Regards Paul Johnson.
  3. Hi Wayne, Have you tried this. Pulled the fuel pipe off from the tap. turn the fuel on then off. Dose the fuel stop if so the the valve is good. If not then the fuel will continue to flow into the carb and if on it's side stand it may weep out of the Carbs left side breather pipe. This shouldn't normally happen if the float is working normally. Paul.
  4. Hi All, I have just replaced the Stator in my 2005 Rev 3 270cc bike. This is a 4 wire stator. The Red Wire= Is AC supply to the CDI. The Brown Wire= is Ground return for the CDI. The Black Wire= Is Trigger for the Timing to the CDI. The Yellow Wire= Is AC to the Reg for 12 Volts DC to feed the Lights and the Horn. To test the Ignition circuit measure between the Red and the Black, you should see 321 K Ohms. This is one winding and neither the Red or the Black connect to Ground. Also I tested the Inductance of the Red / Black circuit. On the bike and within the magnetic field of the Flywheel. I measured 820mH. Outside the Magnetic field a massive 1.5H. To test the Yellow circuit measure between Yellow and Brown or Ground ( Brown is connected to Ground in the Stator) you should see a very low reading of 0.51 Ohms. Again I tested the Inductance of this circuit on the bike and inside the flywheel. I measured 2.25mH and of the bike ( outside the field) 2.51mH. I hope this clears up a lot of confusion about testing the Stator. I must state that the testing was measured at DC and it will be completely different when the bike is running as this is an AC Circuit and it's the Impedance that is important NOT DC Resistance.
  5. Yes since 2008 they changed the carb and also the stator plate and the kill switch to sort out these problems. Paul.
  6. pauldjohnson

    Beta Tr34

    Nicks Best to give John Lampkin a ring he will know all the questions about your bike. John Lampkin Imports Ltd Greengate, Silsden, Keighley, Bradford, BD20 9LA. email info@beta-uk.com Phone 01535 655970 Fax 01535 656580 Paul.
  7. Hi all I have translated to english I hope this helps. You will need to read between the lines though! 1) After having well washed with petrol totally dismantle the carburetor paying attention to positioning of all components. 2) Punching the central portion of the cap processing Figure 1. 3) Pierce cap with a peak of 2mm and use a small screw extractor as Parker. 4) 's support of the measure noted caliber A channel of Figure 2. 5) With a tip from 3mm to extend the hole released by the cap Figure 1. VERY CARFUL a stop at 1.5mm by the end of the channel. 6) With a tip of 2mm. Making the new Bar B of Figure 3 until you reach the canal. 7) 's aid of a compressor to clean carefully all the various steps of carburetor air blowing THOROUGHLY. 8) With the dots lead to appropriate measures ( available in any stoe hunting & fisheries), provide fill the hole of C Figure 3 and the channel for processing of Figure 1. Paul.
  8. Hi Go here and you can down load all betas from 2008 back to pre 1990. http://www.trialrace.com/ricambi_beta.asp Paul.
  9. Hi Tom I see you pull in in your van you parked down the bottom, I was parked next to the Food Van :-) I walk down to say hello but you'd already set off, never mind see you next time. Paul.
  10. Hi Yes I have very good it can be removed in seconds as it fixed to the bike by Velcro tape. I hope this helps. Paul.
  11. Hi There Speak to John at Beta UK he will be able to sort you one out, the web address is:- http://www.betatrialuk.com All The Best Paul.
  12. Good day today at E.S.T.C so thanks to all for making me welcome :-) Cheers to all Paul.
  13. Hi sie16b I have just today joined Earl Shilton Trails Club, Yennards Farm, Potters Lane, Earl Shilton, Leicester, LE9 7TR. It's
  14. That's OK All The Best Paul.
  15. Good stuff thanks guys I'll be there in an white VW T5 reg VA53 FSN the bike is a red and silver 2005 beta 270 and I have white helmet. Paul.
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