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  1. jimmyl , please could you tell me the web site, you got it from, thanks alan
  2. quote]Want to replace the standard carb with a new one any one had any experiance with fitting other makes? or can you advise on which to fit please. i know this topic is a couple of years old now, but as anybody fitted any other make new replacement carb succesfully to their tlr250, if so where from and how much was it,
  3. has anyone made a bash plate for their trials bike, i had a look on the internet but there is so many different grades of aluminium to choose from, can anyone tell me what is the best thickness and what is the best grade of aluminium plate to use , thanks in advance alan
  4. 125gold

    Fraser Honda

    i sold a tl250 fraser this year nice bikes but heavy, i also have a fraser tl250 frame that i bought a couple of years ago, i am going to rebuild it with tl250 parts just need a exhaust and seat, there is a 3 page write up in the tmx dated 5th oct 1979 done by tommy sandham and mike rapley who test a fraser , engines were painted red and the exhausts were white with a red tank, at the end of the write up they said that they both agreed that the fraser honda as it stands a 250 was the most competitive four stroke bike on offer at the moment, price was
  5. 125gold

    Speedo Kits

    anybody know where to get a speedo kit from, the ones that were fitted to the twinshocks, i need one that works off the front wheel , (not a digital one) sammy miller no longer sells them,
  6. kirby, i had my entry list yesterday , you are number 32 and start at 10.32 , alan
  7. malcolm, you are number 43 and start off at 10.43, me kevin and mark start off at 10.24, and gavin starts at 10.19 see you there, alan
  8. 125gold

    Seeley Frame

    the seeley i have stripped down needs welding under the head stock a common weak point can any seeley owners tell me if they had it done on they own seeleys , if so where and how was is it reinforced ,was plates welded under or on the sides of the headstock , also i know it is bronze welded but what type of rods were used , photos of repaired headstock would be nice for comparison,
  9. 125gold


    anybody help me, i am going to start to restore one of the seeleys its been in boxes on the shelf for to long, i need some new swinging arm bushes and steering head bearings for the seeley ,if so where can i get them from, (part numbers would be nice if possible) ,also anybody converted one to taper roller head bearings , thanks in advance alan
  10. registered my two seeleys a couple of years ago , got the dating certificates from the vintage japanese club (vjmc) you need to be a member , the registrations numbers i got from the dvla were consecutive, btx 304t and btx 305t, the one frame number is, sht-1003 which i think is the 3rd frame made
  11. 125gold

    Seeley Exhausts

    stu, put my name on one and let me know how much deposit you require . many thanks alan
  12. 125gold

    Seeley Exhausts

    hi stu, same as geniejlg , i would be interested in 1 or 2 subject to cost , also what front pipe is used with them. many thanks alan
  13. i have two seeleys one with the larger tank and seat unit, this topic has cleared things up for me, i thought someone had made a one off tank and seat unit , all i got to do now is start rebuilding it ,
  14. patrick, thanks for your reply and photos, now i know what to do, i will have a go at fitting it this weekend , i have just started to ride my tl250 in trials, the bike was tommy sandhams bike LFS 4P the one pictued in the honda trials book that he wrote called four stroke finale , tommy has fitted a sammy miller frame to it, i also have a fraser framed tl250 that i use in trials , find them heavy to ride but love riding them. alan
  15. patrick , i just bought a sammy miller tl125 exhaust (tail pipe and middle pipe) for my tl 250 it will not bolt straight on to the original front pipe, i was wondering what alterations to the exhaust did you do to make it fit, really enjoyed the photos and video clips, alan
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