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  1. motomerlin

    TRP trials shock fits Gas Gas Pro

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    TRP trials shock, spring removed & damping adjuster checked - all works smoothly. Only used a few times, then got newer bike with another posh shock fitted.. .Features: * fully adjustable rebound * progressive damping * top quality CNC machined aluminium parts * anodized serrated roller for easy adjustment * made and assembled in Belgium

    190.00 GBP

  2. motomerlin

    1996 Gas Gas

    see my trials bike buyer's guide - aimed at Ebayer's but still usefull. Cheers, Mike
  3. motomerlin

    Throttle stuck open - Damage?

    Usually the piston slightly siezes & smears alloy over piston rings, trapping them in place. To check remove exhaust pipe & shine torch up ex port. If lucky a stip & clean up will cure. If unlucky it's ripped the barrel coating and a replate & piston is needed.
  4. motomerlin

    Re packing...

    Well worth re-packing. Do it regularly! Here's a guide I posted about the GG Pro middle silencer. The principles the same. Silencer repack the easy way!
  5. motomerlin

    Does anyone have any tips when buying 1st bike?

    Brief buyer's guide here: Trials Bike Buyers Guide
  6. motomerlin

    2011 gasser rear wheel bearings

    Shown as same part number as older Pros ....so it's a 6004 2RS.
  7. motomerlin

    Bearing Numbers

    Fronts are 6905 2RS ...cheap ones from guess where! Shock rose bearing is an odd size & so far only at premium price.
  8. motomerlin

    Carb leaking fuel

    Ignore the drilling. See diagram here: Beta Carb Mod. Just alter float arms/tangs, that does it.
  9. motomerlin

    gas gas 280 or 300

    The forks will loosen up. But I found my 09 GG forks needed some work: I went to 2.5 w oil. And trimmed the plastic spacer (on top of springs) by 5mm. Also tried a different make of fork seal. Now they're pretty good. I tried a Raga & 2011 and the forks seemed fine. But bikes can vary....
  10. motomerlin

    Ryan Young DVD

    I've got a couple left from current batch....call me tomorrow if you want one, Cheers, Mike
  11. motomerlin

    2011 Gas Gas Photos

    GG 2011 in action
  12. motomerlin

    Gas Gas Oil Change

    I tend to use 450cc. ATF is fine. No dipstick, use the sight glass.
  13. motomerlin

    04 Txt280 Blown Head Diagnosis. Need Help.

    Chances are it's smeared the alloy of the piston trapping the rings - so low compression. Remove exhaust pipe & you can prob see this. Iff really lucky a clean up of piston would get it going. If not, plated bore may be damaged, so a piston & re-plate would be needed.
  14. motomerlin

    Gas Gas Gear Change Hesitation

    If it appears to change gear better going up the box than down, or vice versa, then the adjuster behind the clutch could need a tweak. GG USA have a video on youtube showing this. It's a fiddy proceedure, but should cure it.
  15. motomerlin

    Piston For 1999 Txt 321

    Vic, Pistions are available here in the UK. However, you'd almost certainly need to re-plate the bore as well, after 11 years... Normally they re-plate to the new piston spec, and the letter is no longer an issue. Putting a nice new piston into a tired boke can be a false economy. Mike