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Nice! First Technique Question "breathing?"


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Oooo it even smells like a new forum.... (I feel like sam should break this in but i am also feeling greedy)

Well let me ask the first question.

I have a bad habit.

I hold my breath!

Half way through the section i am blue and out of breath. I have never heard of lamaz <sp? for trials but i think i could really benifit from a prebirthing class on breathing. Some of my felow riders use beer as an anesethic but i only end up drunk and out of breath.... not good.... Anybody know how to combat this?


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To counter all the obvious, simple things that I do wrong I used to tape a reminder to my bar pad i.e.BEND THEM (my knees) or in your case INHALE_EXHALE.... that sort of thing.

I guarantee you will get the mickey taken out of you but it works for me. :D

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I have the same problem. I'll ride a section in an event and I will be so tense and tight that I forget to breath. I'll ride the same section later in practice and have no problem. I like the idea of taping reminders to the bar pad.

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Thanks Andy for the new forum! :D

Whats the strips that I see some dirtbikers wearing on there noses(breathing strips)?

They're "Breath-Right" strips which stick to the outside of the nose and keep the nostrils in a "pulled open" position. That supposedly lets more air in, so oxygen supply to the lungs, and ultimately the muscles, is increased. I believe clinical tests show they have zero effect, and there's easier ways of making yourself look like a wally.

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I have found that it helps to extract the head form the rectal orface Before entering the section because once you are IN you get stuck!

One of the best things about FIM/ NATC stop and hop rules is that you CAN stop, breathe, regain composure EVEN if you cannot hop OR balance! Section strategy is key!

I have seen many rush through a section, only to recieve a 2,3,or 5 when a well placed dab and positioning of the bike would have sufficed and let the rider re-orient himself.

Splitting the section into SECTIONS, can be a big help! Then you have to stop, slow down regain between them!

Now, if I could just balance, hop and stop scareing myself into submission prior to even entering the section! :D

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