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  1. About 1/2 way down the page.... http://www.bjracing.com/tlr200.html
  2. motofire

    S3 Head Install ?

    Right the O-Ring. That's actually what I meant. I believe one was a different size or something. I sent him an email to check this thread.
  3. motofire

    S3 Head Install ?

    A friend of mine had a problem with his S3 on his gasser. He may chime in and clarify...but I believe it had to do with the size of the head gasket. Ill check into it and see if I can find out.
  4. Hey, if the best riders in the USA won't go ride against the best in the World, it would be great to have the riders of the World come stateside and compete.
  5. Nothing! Maybe he's talking some age restriction for the ACU....or whatever you guys call it on the other side of the pond.
  6. I'll be watching this thread closely since this is an issue my club faxes also. Really though, what you guys have in place looks pretty good. The only thing I might add is the use of full lock turns not used in the lower levels.
  7. Compressed air and safety wire. You can also take the grips off with the air and if in good shape reuse them...such as in the case of bent bars.
  8. motofire

    Beta Evo Gearbox oil

    The Dan Wiiliams Clutch Mod and Elf Oil....no problems with my Evo. It's worth it.
  9. Im not sure your doing the test properly. The numbers you got were not bad...not great either. 160-180 is what I would be looking for. The way I always did a compression test was... Warm the engine up completely. Remove plug and ground the wire Install compression gauge Hold throttle wide open And kick until the gauge stopped rising Now I have never done a test on trials bike before...just MX bikes, so my numbers may be wrong.
  10. motofire

    2010 Beta Evo

    Check the steering stem and linkage bearings for grease. Early Evo's were known to be light on the grease. It's a great bike....congrats.
  11. Thanks.....clean looking rig you got there.
  12. Oh BTW the most comfortable MX boot would be nowhere near as comfortable as any trials boot.
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