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Homemade Obstacles


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I built a whole bunch of trials-type obstacles in my "backyard" last winter, including a complete indoor endurocross course, and then invited all my friends for a weekend riding it. Here's a link to pics and videos of some of the ensuing carnage. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=542781

For those who want a sense for what we built, here's a diagram of the endorucross course as I imagined it before we started building:


Now I'm making plans for something similar, only outdoors, and permanent.

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I have logs of various sizes and a homemade teeter totter, which I like enough to design a bigger one. Also some nice stone steps and walls. The 2 X 4 thing looks like a good exercise. Try setting up a course with buckets or cones.

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Wire spools make a good, movable obstacle. They can usually be found for free- just cut them off center to miss all the steel. These are about 48" in diameter . You can see the long board to the left(above)- it is three 10' 2x6s with hinges so I can fold it up and move it. Great practice!



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OIL DRUMS: I'm going to do a similar excercise in my woods, so far I have sourced quite a few old lorry wheels with tyres so that's a start, also have the option of a few old 45 gallon oils drums (empty!)....I was wondering if I had to fill the drums with sand or something to stop them crushing or that simply having them sealed will suffice.

Also need some loose rocks....they are my biggest issue, which surprised me as I'm OK on a enduro on loose stones etc doing Wales river crossings, Welsh long uphill loose boulder climbs...I can only put this down to the speed difference and is of paddling if it all goes pear shaped?

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Dig holes and put the soil into the cut drum. Compact it in it and flip it over. Hey presto a dip before the obstacle! Be very slippy though.

If you can ride the stones enduro stylee you'll get the hang of it trials stylee the more you get used to low speed. You still need momentum etc but better technique. If you then have a blast on enduro bikes again you will be a riding god after trials!

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