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SSDT 2012

highland lassie

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A friend at my club thought about participating in the Pre-65 ballot last november, but as his Triumph had some parts wich were not original, he left the idea...

But he and his wife are making a holiday of it to come over and visit the Pre 65 and some SSDT trials.

I promised him that, if he went for the Pre65, I would join him for moral support and maybe a couple of beers in the evening...

He is not participating but I DO like touring around in Scotland with my (road)motorcycle! That's why two friends and I will be in the neighborhood too...

Why this short story?

As we are able to visit the pre 65 on friday only, (we have to catch a boat on sat), we would like to have a good impression of the different non-stops.

Will there be any information on the SSDT website (by then) concerning visitors, which non-stops are accessible by road and a small walk? Or will this all be indicated in Kinlochleven at the start?

Any information will be appreciated...! :thumbup:



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the excellent programme available at the start will detail all the sections on both days.. 50% of the sections are roadside and you ll have no trouble parking your bikes/ car up and seeing the action..

:thumbup: Wonderfull, thanks! :icon_salut:

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