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And The Winner Is?


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Come on , its 21.40hrs on Saturday!.Hundreds of people in Fort William will have heard who has probably/ most likely won , yet there is no comment on this one of the World biggest Trials sites .

Either A - noone knows(unlikely)

B - Your all drunk

C - You dont want to prempt the official results

I expect its all over twitter , so come on someone whats the Goss

Put us out of our misery , someone , for Gods sake Ive got to go to bed soon :)

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The truth is we don't know for certain. from what was worked out before I left, Dougie and James were tied on points, tied on the number of cleans, ones, twos, threes and fives and we *think* it then goes to furthest clean. If that is the case then Dougie has won, but there was a lot of speculation as to how exactly it would work and if that was the method used to decide the winner. Only the Committee know for sure.

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Well what a week!

Got to be one of the best SSDT's for excitment and tension and well done Dougie for the win and now taking the record of 6 wins :thumbup:

Watching things during the week there have been some epic battles Bradley Cox and Luke Walker battling it out for the best newcomer well done to you both with Bradley taking the win.

Then the ''Old Mans'' battle Junior must be gutted having led all week for a man that don't ride much well done, but Adam Norris chipped away all week and grasped the win on the final day.

Being ex military I have watched the Army team of Vince Macintosh, Daz Hesleton and Stu Payne well done for lifting the Service Trophy, Daz finally beating Vince and getting the last First Class Award :o and Stu for a first effort well done for getting to the finnish.

Whoever you were supporting it was epic...........................

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