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Thank You, that is really nice as CS2 is already very good for most applications.

For those people that had bought the program in 2006 for a ridiculous amount of money ... Well that's another story. Also how the program will work with modern OS and hardware. Then there is the activation issue, beginning with CS2 an activation has to be done in 30 days otherwise the program will go in demo mode, (but this can have been disabled??)

Anyone have tried out this Adobe donor on a modern OS?

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Hey, All!!!

Thanks for giving that ifo & link!

My wife uses Adobe for her graphics design work for her t-shirt printing biz. She downnloaded CS2 from the link above. But when she tried to install it, it asked for a serial number. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Is there some sort of other file we need for her Photoshop CS to work with this?

FWIW our Windows OS is XP Professional, Version 2002, if that helps any.....

Thanks Again!


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