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Ssdt Pre 65 Cancelled

nigel dabster

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Prolly not wise to risk all that expensive classic iron on rushing burns! Water ingestion is not what they were designed for!

Better safe than sorry!

Now Bladilocks, that is another thing! He enjoys a good bog!

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You would have thought the organisers would have put some information about what is happening on the official SSDT website as a courtesy to all the riders, family and spectators who are milling about in the region wondering whats going on.

As a rider who missed out on an entry I feel for the section setters who have wasted their energy and time and everyone else who has taken holiday and spent a fortune to watch the Pre 65 but I think there should have been a website update to keep everyone informed, you can't rely on word of mouth in a situation like this in what is supposed to be a professionally organised event.

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seen the results did they only ride 15 sections ? if so how can you award a winner ?

Well you may as well try and determine a winner from what was ridden rather than scrub it completely.

A crushing disappointment for the organisers and helpers and it's sad to see all that time and effort amount to nothing. Huge disappointment for riders too, particularly for those from other countries who will have spent a small fortune to compete.

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Hi Guys.

Well if any competitor even tried in those conditions they deserve a Gold medal.

Guys thank you so much for your determination in keeping the So called Pre 65 Scottish trial going in this weather.

I must say that the result is extra special to me , in that I had mailed Andrew Paxton , the day he left for Scotland wishing him the best of luck again this year.

This is the son of a old friend that I got into trials in the sixties, and I know he must be over the moon to know Andy is has good or better than his dad hey Dave?

I must also thank my old friend Ted Freeman for his input into this project. He to must be chuffed .

This stems back to the BSA factory bike of the late Brian Martin. A truly memorable achievement .

The story will be on bsaotter.com if I have my way!

Thanks Guys.

Regards Charlie.

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