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Preventing Your Trials Bike Getting Stolen?


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MSM won't touch non road registered bikes.

CN would (frame & engine numbers required which is good) and will do a 2013 Gas Gas TXT Pro 300 (even though the 300cc model wasn't in their records!! only, 125, 200, 250 , 280 & 320) not road registered and insured for fire & theft only, excess £100, £250 worth of tool insurance, data tagging kit worth £30, it’s got to locked up as I've stated it is and be in a brick or concrete built garage all for £179.

They kept asking me if I was the registered keeper and I replied I was the owner and the bike is not road registered hence I'm not the registered keeper and then the question was asked again!! (I do despair with these insurance companies...)

I think the price is high considering I only pay about £100 more for my car that is better insured and I'm much more likely to claim due to driving it on the road and the other idiots around.

I wish the ACU would get into bed with an insurance company who really understands the issues us off roaders have.

What did you put down as the value? I just phoned CN re the same bike but they wouldn't insure anything over £5k at all.

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Is it possible to collate what has been stolen and when and if when and where recovered just to see if there is a pattern. Here is not the place to discuss ways of trapping thieves but we surely all have an interest in this problem. It is important also to record your ownership and identify the goods ...Twice I have found my property only for our glorious police to give it back to the thief or his customer as my proof of ownership didn.t meet thier standards. I think it is only in the UK one can buy a new off road bike and not register it....one might save a few quid but is it worth it?.

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My old man recently had issues with his barn being broken into (luckily no bikes were taken). But he has since installed an alarm, which contains a sim card. The alarm unit is hidden and once the beam is broken it doesn't make any noise, it just calls his phone. Giving him time to either call the police or disturb them himself.

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On 6/26/2013 at 8:49 PM, kee360 said:

Evening guys i had my 2 beta s stolen over the weekend only had the bikes 12 months . So to ease my pain lol im telling my self il get them bck at some point the POLICE will find them . But realistically how many of you guys have had them stolen and got them back .

Back in 1974, my Greeves TFS which was my pride and joy field bike, bought for the pricely sum of £20 (I was 13 at the time), was stolen by the local s##ts. The bike was reported stolen to the police and all relevant details supplied from the old style log book. 5 years later, got a call at work from police station in Bow, London. They had my bike. It turned up in a dealers workshop after they visited him about another bike he bought which turned out to be stolen. He had just bought mine and this visit turned out to be very expensive for him...I never thought I would see the Greeves again. It was my first bike and I still have it. When I applied for a v5 logbook, I had a vist from the plod that evening as they had been informed that I was in possesion of a stolen bike! That was hilarious, especially as when they came round I was working on it in the hallway of our little council house and could not swing a cat with the bike in there too... I was lucky in that the bike came back in better condition than when it was stolen. Had a Greeves tank instead of the old Honda one bungeed on, and a chaincase instead of the foot eating open drive.. Was glad we reported the bike as stolen back then, it paid off on this occasion.

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I see these GPS tracker devices (TrackR, Tile) advertised that work with mobile phones and GPS technology.   They run on a small, replaceable, battery that probably last a year or so.  It seems like it might be a good system that could be mounted on a bike in a hard-to-see location.  Reportedly they will communicate using Bluetooth with any phones with the app loaded, and communicate their location to the owner of the device.  This information could then be communicated to police to help recover the bike. Has anyone tried such a device?


I have no connection with either of these products or companies.


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