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  1. When I restored my Greeves TFS back in 2015 I machine polished the hubs and rims and assembled using stainless spokes. went over the engine cases and frame alloy beam with polishing wheel but still has the casting "orange peel look, " and the top end bead blasted. I got a tin of Simichrome polish from ebay. Cost a bloody fortune due to our dear government screwing me for import charges from the states, but its brilliant polish. other alloy bits of the bike are polished, mainly to give an easy to clean finish after muddy trials.
  2. bought a 125 Gasgas for 350 quid last year. goes and rides ok for my easy section riding but needs tyres changing. Got some good 2nd hand ones waiting to be fitted when I need to. And my TFS Greeves only cost 20 quid, but that was in 1972...
  3. Well, better late than never.Its finally back on the road. Spent this weekend making a ramp and a stand to sit under the bikes which went in no problem. The ramp and stand are made of scaffold planks and old roof joist wood. Works well but weighs more than the bikes {or feels like it does...). mk 2 versions to be made from ally and foldable.
  4. Back in 1974, my Greeves TFS which was my pride and joy field bike, bought for the pricely sum of £20 (I was 13 at the time), was stolen by the local s##ts. The bike was reported stolen to the police and all relevant details supplied from the old style log book. 5 years later, got a call at work from police station in Bow, London. They had my bike. It turned up in a dealers workshop after they visited him about another bike he bought which turned out to be stolen. He had just bought mine and this visit turned out to be very expensive for him...I never thought I would see the Greeves again. It was my first bike and I still have it. When I applied for a v5 logbook, I had a vist from the plod that evening as they had been informed that I was in possesion of a stolen bike! That was hilarious, especially as when they came round I was working on it in the hallway of our little council house and could not swing a cat with the bike in there too... I was lucky in that the bike came back in better condition than when it was stolen. Had a Greeves tank instead of the old Honda one bungeed on, and a chaincase instead of the foot eating open drive.. Was glad we reported the bike as stolen back then, it paid off on this occasion.
  5. Re the hybrid engine. I would not be suprised if somewhere in the world a hybrid bike is being developed for military applications. The electric for stealth mode and engine for all out speed.
  6. I have been riding for about 15 months with my local club(eastbourne), on a 65 Greeves TFS. I ride the easiest route at the mo, more down to my ability than the bike. We get quite a few ride the harder routes on a variety of twinshock bikes .Yam TYs, Hondas, Spanish twinshocks, Fantics, and a few Brit bikes now and then, Had an Ariel Ht5 on a recent trial which was taxing all bikes due to the rain affecting grip everywhere. The Ariel did well considering how bad conditions were, and 2 riders, one on a Majesty and the other on a Bultaco did very well beating a lot of modern bikes. all of these bikes are ridden and bashed and come back for more. The best way to display a classic trials bike!
  7. Better news than the MOD land used for trials. Now managed by an outside land agency who have hiked up the prices steeply. The Red Tape Trial at Bagshot next Feburary has been cancelled due to this and there will probably be others.
  8. another option to investigate would be a split type aircon system. most of them have heat function and are now very efficient in terms of heat produced for power consumed. (1kw producing 6kw of heat for example). They also have dehumidification mode which is handy for workshop use, and of course cooling in summer if needed...
  9. The chain tensioner on my txt125 has broken. Is there a replacement available or do I have to replace the whole tensioner assembly?
  10. Its worth looking at the photos on facebook. theres a lot of fantastic pictures.
  11. The Jack Thompson Trial was excellent. Had a great day riding. I will be back next year for this one. Loved watching the sidecar outfits negotiating the sections. (did better than me riding solo on easy route! )
  12. Riding the Jack Thompson Trial at Canada Heights, Sidcup next Sunday on my Greeves TFS. Just seen the rider list and their bikes. Looking forward to this trial with all the classic British bikes.
  13. When I ressurected my Greeves after being in boxes for 35 years I painted it myself with Landrover Marine Blue, left over from doing some bits on my old series 3 Landy.It has worn suprisingly well for a quick spray and is easy to touch in with an artists paint brush.Re pressure washers,I am lucky to have on my work van a Sealey cordless pressure washer. Runs for 40 minutes on its own battery or can be plugged into a vehicle cigarette lighter socket.It has a tank which holds 15 litres of water. It only works at 8.5 bar (125 psi) but its not so aggresive to paintwork and wheel bearings. More convenient than getting the mains machine out with hoses and mains leads. I havnt used it at a trials venue though as I dont want to upset any land owners..
  14. Here is an action shot of my TFS after a trial last year. The front mudguard lost an argument with a tree!
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