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Bike Cut Out & Won't Start Again


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Hi Guys,

As the title says, I was out tonight for a little play and had only been on the bike 5 min, was crossing a field so gave it a little blast and as I slowed down the bike cut out.

Tried for ages to get it started but it didn't want to know, so far we checked there was fuel getting into carb, which is clean & not blocked. Then we checked the plug which was a bit wet but looked ok, but wasn't producing a spark when grounded to the head, tried another plug and still nothing.

Any ideas what I can look next?



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Disconnect the kill switch then clean all the wiring connections. Check no wired are necked off where they are crimped or pushed into back of connectors, and that none are cut , insulation missing or shorting onto the frame or metal parts.

Try swapping your coil with a known good one.

Can you post a photo of your stator with the flywheel removed


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Check the simple things first. wire connections to coil, cdi etc and earth ground connection.

make sure kill switch isn't shorting out or wire trapped or pinched.

plug cap.

hopefully you will find something loose or corroded.


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He might meant the "brains" or electronic spark control box?

OP needs to give us more info, what year, couple years have had a few little things posted here in gasgas forums, about losing spark? certain ignition parts fixed it?

Make sure flywheel area behind cover is not wet, let alone corroded. the sensor for spark is (on 02 "pro" model engines and newer) is where the wires enter the case. The outside of flywheel needs to be clean on flywheel, and on the pickup, and be no more than a cheap business card gap from flywheel for a good starting point, I don't know what feeler gauge measurement actually would be. I just use my business card, or a piece of paper folded 3 times, just cant touch flywheel, closer the better the spark it seems lol.

I bought on 07 that someone didn't get the stator plate tight (behind flywheel has the coils and stuff on it, and it lost spark, since it was no longer grounded.

Here's some other things you can check.

1 boot where plug hooks to, it 'twists" into the wire with a threaded "pin" to make contact of wire in lead, and as before mentioned that spark plug wire loose in the spark box. Corroded ground wires at the big box mounted to frame under gas tank. Kill switch corroded and shorting it's self out, so unhook both wires to see if you get spark. I dont recommend ever starting a bike without a way to kill the engine (in case you got throttle cable jacked up while troubleshooting, WFO will is hard to kill even with a killswitch...

something easy I hope. good luck

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So today I disconnected kill switch & checked all connections under tank, still nothing there.

I took the cover of the flywheel and it was a little bit of moisture there but nothing serious, am I right in thinking I need a special tool to remove the fly wheel? And also should there be a rubber gasket between the cover as mine didn't have one?

Not sure if this has any relevance but 2 weeks ago I dropped it in a stream and it wouldn't start after, tried for ages but it just wouldn't go, so started the walk of shame back to the van and got half way there and was so bloody knackered pushing it up hill that I tried it again and after several kicks I got it going and it was fine all day after that, I then got it home washed it, and started it again a couple of times without any trouble so I figured this wasn't a problem.

2 weeks later it started 1st kick no problem and was running fine it seemed until I gave it a good blast over the field and then it just died

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