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First Trial - Go For It Or Not ?


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Hi there,

I've been practicing since May when I got my first ever bike, I've done about 5 proper club practice days at different venues, usually can do some bits of some beginner sections but I am gradually getting better.

I'd really like to have at least one go at a proper trial this year, there's one coming up as a fundraiser locally badged as being a bit on the easy side and it has a beginner section.

Does it matter if

I get stuck and need help to get the bike out of a section ?

I go a lot slower than everyone else between sections

unlikely to finish the full 4 laps !

have to prop myself up on a tree to start the bike again

all opinions valued !!


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Yes, just go for it.

You are a beginner, so a beginners route is designed to be rideable by a beginner.

I done my first proper trial last month and actually won the B route.

Have done 4 more trials since then and have loved every one of them.

People in trials are always happy to help and give advice, don't worry if you fall off, we all do.

The more riding you do, the quicker you will learn.

Have fun and post back how you get on.

Good luck!!

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Yes, by all means do it. I started years ago, having never ridden off-road. Most every rider that you meet started as you are starting. We wobble and stall our bikes, fall off and get back on. Nobody gets upset with the new rider for we were all at that stage and can remember well the struggles. Most of all, have fun!

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Do it!!!

I went the wrong way round the flags, fell off, over heated myself, got stuck and packed in on lap 3 on my first trial. I learnt a lot on that one and was more prepared for the next one.

Still do most of the above though, it's half the fun of it.

Remember you're only really competing against yourself unless your very good.

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i started a year ago and now riding inters. go for it youll love it! trials is a friendly sport so people will allways help out... i would ignore what people say about crashing or going over the bars. the begginer route is SO SO simple and you cant really go over the bars unless your really struggling. they try to keep the begginer route of the big hills and banks anyway. when you sign on ask the person signing on if there is any others riding begginer route. if so go round with the them waiting for each other at each section and learning from each other. well i found that helpful for me :D

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with a practice route, do you just turn up on the day, pay the fee and do it or do you have to arrange it first with the club, it sounds like good fun to me and with having very little practice myself, it seems like a good way of easing in to trials.

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Thanks very much for all the encouragement - really appreciated. I have to get the exhaust fixed, due to a hole ! but should be able to get that done in time so I will give it a go and post back on how it went !

TLTEL - yes it is, I think it's your club actually running it :icon_salut:

Shercoben - having watched your videos if i had 1% of your ability i'd be happy !! thanks for the idea of teaming up with another beginner, hopefully i wont be the only entertainment on the day.


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By all means, go ride the event! Go with the mindset of having fun and learning as you go. From my experience, most trialers are great folks who will encourage you at every step. Trust me, we all put our feet down and do some "soil sampling" from time to time.

I have been riding trials for several years after not riding any bikes for 30+ years. I think it took me three trials before I was able to finish the whole event. Our loops tend to be long so I just got too tired to finish. The other riders were great to help and the section observers gave me lots of encouragement and tips on how to ride their sections. I find it very helpful to watch a couple other riders in a section before I attempt it. They can illustrate where the good and bad lines are. You know to walk the section before you ride, right?

I still remember my first "clean" section and the first event I was able to finish all the loops and sections. Woo Hoo!

Have fun. Enjoy those moments of brilliance and learn from those other "moments."

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Hi Snobbly.

There will be a begginers route and there won't be anything too challenging or daunting, I will be helping with setting out. This venue is quite large so you will get a good ride between sections too.

Come and say Hi, I will be riding an old Gas Gas 350, or a TLR 200 , I haven't made my mind up yet.


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Hi Snobbly

Have a great day out on your first Trial, remember you don't have to attempt anything you don't fancy just ask the observer for a five. When you get the results through you'll be amazed how well you've done !

Most of all Enjoy Yourself



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