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Video: Engine Knocking, Txt 250 06


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Hi guys!

I just discovered a knocking in my gasgas today. I´m not sure wheter it´s normal or not

I´ve got the video attached, you can hear it pretty well.

I checked the crank bearings and they don´t have any play at all.

I don´t want to split the cases again, i´m good at it, i´m just not sure if it isn´t just a normal noise



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I had a listen via your vid, and it didn't sound any different to mine.

So either mine now also has the same issue, and mine is running "sweet as" , or there is nothing wrong with either of them.

My thoughts are the latter, don't worry , just ride !!!

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First feel the clutch basket, after that remove it an check the bearings, (dont damage the allen bolt with the hole), feel the shaft for play, they all have a little bit play, so dont worry too fast.

Be carefull with placing the side pannel again, you need to lay the bike down and watch out for the bearing on the clutch piston.

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i think i know how to see if it´s the two bearings on the clutch side or the one bearing at the transmission side

if i pull the clutch, the noise doesn´t go away so it has to be the those two bearings on the clutch side, because if i pull the clutch, the shaft of the transmission doesn´t turn anymore but if the noise is still there it has to be the two bearings :D

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Could be, difficult so say from a screen. It could also just be ''normal'', they all make some sound, the one more than the other. Take this for granted...

Those outer bearings are not that expensive I think, so replacing them is never wrong. However the question stays, why did they go bad? They can be damaged because of to much movement of the clutch because of ..... a moving shaft....

Replacing the inner one is not that much of a trouble if you got mechanical skills. The engine has to be taken out en spitted, which goed very easaly. But you do need to diss an re asemble the gearbox.

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