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Worst Observing Ever Seen

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I can't wait to observe again in R.I. , I had a great time in TN. with the new rules , and I wonder if Michuads pre event pep talk will change ...

I just like to ride my bikes , and watch those far better than me have fun doing the same ... And that was one of the things that impressed me the most in TN. , Bou , Raga , etc. on down the line are having FUN ! Fuji got mad in my section 'cause the bike actually screwed up , but he still smiled and thanked me for the 5 I punched on his card , (as he swore at his mechanic/minder :) ). And all the riders were sociable and enjoying themselves ... Isn't that why we do it ? This is the best motor sport there is and we get to rub elbows with the very best of us ... Why bitch about anything ? Make the best of what we've got .! And long may our sport survive !


Good post......well said

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I think if we are start calling a spade a spade, people will stop complaining. Please don't tell me it is non-stop when it isn't. What am I to do ? Go along with the charade... seriously ?

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