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After reading their brochure, I'm tempted by this "engine fun control sensor".

If it's as I suspect, Fun is meant to read Fan, I'm going to be very disappointed!


You like riding trials but are Having too much fun? Some days it is just more fun than you can handle? Or You are feeling down and need more fun as a pick me up?

Well We at Vertigo Motors have your solution!!!! It is our very own patented, proprietary "ENGINE FUN CONTROL SENSOR"!

This fun sensor will help you produce feelings of enjoyment all across the fun spectrum. Everything from :wall: to :angry: with a bit of :crying: all the way to the other end of the spectrum with :D going through :bouncy: and yes we can even provide :banana:

And just to help sell this new technology we will throw in a couple :boobies: in our advert to get your attention.

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In the promo video they have put as a backing track a really cool tune ( IMHO) - Urban Cone - New York (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Just in case anyone who likes the track wants to know what it is :)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It was on a loop at Milan Show and I must have heard it 500 times. It drives me :wacko:

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