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Trials Tuition In The South East For Kids.


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I have 2 foster kids,9 and 11 year old who are interested in doing trials, or maybe  they just want to ride motorbikes as l do.

I have found a place, that is way up north which looks ideal, but means loads of driving to get there, as l am on the south coast. So may take the fun out of a weekend away, 10 - 12 hrs driving

Looked on the web, no joy for South East, looking for something within  a 3hr drive out of Worthing.


So does anyone know of a place, they can give trials a go, before l invest in bike/bikes for them.


Or should l just invest in a bike and teach them myself




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Bognor have training days at Halnaker Park - see website for details:




This may not be what you are looking for if you need to rent bikes, but if its local its probably a good day out to take the kids to have a look and see what is involved?

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this is in east sussex,  this wont be too far from you and is based in a small town called sandhurst. its near rye. its 30 minutes from me and we are always going there ( contacting the owner first and paying )  and using the land as its an awesome place. his names jason and he has a fleet of betas, i have had a couple of lessons with him before we moved up a route with my mate on 125s.  you can just use the land. or hire a couple of his betas and have a solid day out. thoroughly recommend !!



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We have a TY80 available for youngsters who would like to have a go at trials and we run a series aimed at youth and beginners.


I will need to dig the bike out and run it up and check it over as it hasn't been used for a while.


We have The 1st trial of the series this Saturday in Southampton if you fancy a trip down for a watch. 


I could organize the bike and someone to teach for the next trial as he's away this weekend.


You would need boots, helmet, gloves and long sleeves and £5 each for insurance, A very cheap way for them to try out trials.

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