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  1. enrico


    Welcome Brian.... its about time ?
  2. Strip and grease the suspension linkages, swing arm bolt and headstock bearings. Doesn't take long but is often overlooked and they don't come with much grease from the factory!
  3. Hi, I have a TY250 mono and have stripped the front fork legs to clean and rechrome or replace the chrome stanchions as they are badly pitted. Having taken the forks apart the internal damper rod is still firmly embedded in the bottom of the chrome tube, with no obvious means of removal. The internal damper tube (the bit with the holes drilled in to allow oil to pass) moves in and out freely, but once it is fully inserted into the chrome tube it feels solid. Presumably from what I have read the internal damper rod should come out through the top of the tube but I cannot see how to release it. what am I missing here? I will post photos tonight but the page in the manual shows the damper rod I am referring to as Part 9.28 and the chrome tube as 8.27. The aluminium tapered end/stop on the damper rod (10.29) is still in place - does that have to be removed first? How? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Richard Allen refurbishes Fantic tanks, so it might be worth giving him a ring. His website is here: http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk or he is on Facebook ...(all the time!) He is a very genuine guy and helpful as well....
  5. Welcome Pit! Ireland is a great place for off road motorcycling, with a lot of clubs and events. Where abouts are you?
  6. John Lee Motorcycles at Higham Ferrers are excellent and not too far from you?
  7. The 300 might be super smooth but it can still be plenty powerful when you open the throttle! Each to their own, but I think that the 250 is more than enough, especially when you are still on a learning curve. Aren't we all - even after all these years? Have you ridden the later models? Some people find my 2015 250 Evo 'flat' when compared with a Gas Gas (say) in terms of the initial power delivery, but I like that 'softness' on the first take up - especially in slippery going. Unless you are riding major stuff I would hesitate to suggest the 300.
  8. Welcome. Where abouts in the Emerald Isle are you? Lots of great riding there!
  9. Welcome, and enjoy your riding and this site. You are very lucky with the range of terrain where you live, I have been fortunate (in the past) to have ridden in Ireland and it was fantastic. I'm not so sure that you can ride everywhere these days, but we used to be able to just aim for a mountain and go!
  10. enrico

    Beta Middle Box

    Are you sure that you haven't re-packed it too tight? Thats what I did the first time, wedging as much stuff in there as I could, and it was terrible! You don't need to pack it tightly..... Good luck!
  11. What will Adam Raga do now for the remainder of the year as presumably he will not get paid by Gas Gas (or their trustees/receivers), only his personal sponsors? Will that be sufficient to fund the remaining world rounds? Will he ride an un-liveried bike for the rest of the year, or one of his own 'brand' as Laia Sanz did a while ago?
  12. try Richard Allen as he often has this sort of thing, and a very nice chap to deal with as well. http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk/
  13. Bognor have training days at Halnaker Park - see website for details: //www.brdmcc.org/Diary.htm This may not be what you are looking for if you need to rent bikes, but if its local its probably a good day out to take the kids to have a look and see what is involved?
  14. Richard Allen also does a replica shirt at reasonable cost: http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk
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