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Rtls' Titan Frame...


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Nice! You've really put a lot of work in the jig and other tools. Planning on making a small series perhaps?

I've already asked Franck to start production on all the parts he's made for his bike, but sadly there all one off's.

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That's one way to keep it unique I guess.

And it's his prerogative, but I think you wouldn't be the only one, that would like a frame like that. Oh well...

I was thinking more along the lines of the ti rear brake lever, alloy Kickstarter, ti exhaust brackets, ti exhaust header etc, etc. I think the ti frame would be financially bank busting

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I believe Franck RTL is now lighter than a 4rt and with the engine work he's currently doing, it would be great to see what Steve Saunders ride it and hear what he thought, compared to his factory RTL 270.

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