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  1. Inmotion Trial Competition
  2. zisko62


    Hi, a Climber airbox will fit, just heat it up and with little work you can arrange it, I did it on a TX311
  3. Ask Roberto Pasquali in Italy
  4. Almost unoptainable also here in Italy
  5. zisko62

    Swm Blue?

    Hello there, Duplicolor 120-0050 is very close to the original colour
  6. this is based on a italian XL125s, which is quite identical with the XL185s sold worldwide, except the engine of course. head angle is standard, fork clamps are from a trials bike as are the forks (35 mm) and shocks. foot pegs are moved further back, height is different as well. tank seat unit is similar to the Honda RS 200 TS made by a friend. lot of work on the engine (250 cc, bored and stroked, gearbox has 6 speed with a very useable range - I changed the two sprockets for the 2nd gear, other are standard as on the 6speed italian XL125, primary drive is shorter, exhaust is hand made, pipe cames from a seeley, carb is a standard Keihin 22mm but I'm testing with a Keihin 24mm hope this can help cheers
  7. sended a message, take a look
  8. Give a e-mail adress and I'll send you a pdf of two genuine badges
  9. hi, does anybody know somewhat about steady eddie tuning? website? email?
  10. it'd be a air screw this type of dellorto (oval inlet) is very difficult to set up. It has a really small pilot jet and this is hidden really deep in the body so most time it is blocked
  11. are you sure the pilot jet is ok? if there is the genuine dellorto carb fitted, it'd have a 2nd slow jet and circuit in the bowl. is this circuit ok?
  12. I'd be interested! pls let me know if and when you'll made them
  13. the italian importer/distributor says that jotagas is declared bankrupt but that the new company jgas is still alive and will produce bikes
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