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Model 10 For Sale At Telford


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They've tried to sell this on ebay about four times recently with a £4k starting price, not surprisingly no-one has bid.


It's a scruffy looking thing with the wrong exhaust, seat, sidepanels and the tank needs a big repair.  I think £4k is ambitious for a restored M10, this one is way over priced, but so is everything they sell. They want £2k for the ropey Beamish next to it

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I agree the prices were high, in some cases extremely high. The "Telford tax" bilc0 speaks about for sure is there.


I saw a used bike for sale arround 5,000 Pounds that I sold time ago new (meaning restored, tuned and not used) for 3,850€.


In my opinion it is a wrong policy as many potential buyers are already talking about the super high prices of bikes in Telford and for sure will stop many going to the show in the future.


Aniway the show was great.

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There is of course more to Telford show than just bikes for sale.


The Model 10 Sherpa was on e-bay for weeks at £4K. It was taken to Telford in the hope that a buyer could be sourced, obviously it didn't happen.


The price of motocross machinery is even higher a Model 11 Metisse that I saw a couple of weeks ago which I reckoned was worth £4K is now for sale at £7500.


The Telford show is well run and not so expensive to attend.


It's a fantastic social weekend, bike sales is only an element, its not the whole event.


I enjoyed your company 'Greeves'


Big John

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