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Tank Paint Recommendations

fantic tom

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The only way to get good results are to either

1 - send the tank off for colour restoration ( not cheap).

2 - paint it with 2k primer and top coat . Make sure you drain down the tank perfectly after each ride. If you don't your lovely paint will bubble off very quickly , and no amount of praying will stop it.

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Hi, I would think that automotive spray can paint should do a good job, however the end finish is only as good as the preparation. I've seen "how to" videos on Utube.

You just reminded me of when I sprayed my Triumph 500 tank when I was a teenager. I did it in my bedroom using a glass jar with a nozzle on the lid and a car foot pump. It was a fantastic finish.

Good luck Taff

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The primer/base coat is really important, any dust, scratches or defects will most likely shine through.

I would recommend visiting a larger paintshop/car painter, many of them can mix 2K paint and tap it in to a spray can.

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Their are not a lot of choices when it comes to painting a plastic tank and having it last. Almost every spray paint will be effected because of the fuel will dissolve it.

Some have tried coating the inside of the tank with some type of barrier but I haven't heard a lot of success stories with that route.

If you decide to try the 2K type paints remember to use the proper Resperator and clothing, ventilated area etc.- the stuff is very toxic and can ruin your health.

Is your tank scratched or white faded? Sometimes color can be brought back with a heat gun.

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I had the same question a few years ago and someone told me to use model paint used for RC cars etc, bit more expensive but apparently it's not affected by petrol.


3 years on and the bits I sprayed are still as good as new... apart from the self inflicted scratches etc

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I'm just about to paint my ali tank. Went to the local paint shop for recomendations for paint that is reasonably fuel proof.

They have recomended" Liechler" two pot etch primer, (I've used this on my cars sub frame and it is still brilliant 5 years on). this stuff can be made in various colours and sprays easily.

They also recomended a two pack clear coat, saying, that that is what people that do road bike tanks use..


They also have just stocked a spray can that can do two pot paints!!

It has a second cannister inside with the hardener. (that's mixing and cleaning sorted) Once you break and shake the can you have to use all of it, There is no reuse at a later date, The left over stuff will go off no matter what.

Here (NZ) it's heaps cheaper than 1 liter of two pot and thinners to clean the gun. (A can holds about 200ml). I'll  use the gun for the primer and try a can for the clear, as I have further use for the primer.

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